December 5, 2018

Currently: November 2018

Currently November 2018 on Shutterbean.com, a monthly wrap up!

Currently November 2018

November is over! November was a tough one. November marked the year anniversary of my Mom’s death. I really cannot believe that it’s been a year since I talked to her. The first year of grief and the transition of being the only female in my family has made it a very confusing year for me. I think I’ll write a whole post about it someday.  My brain is in holiday mode as I type this in December. Oof.

My Everyday Life: Week 46 on Shutterbean.com

November was also weird because we had fires here in California and we were stuck indoors for a week. School was canceled because of it!  Cooper had a long Thanksgiving break. We had Thanksgiving at my parent’s house.  My dad’s ladyfriend joined us and it made what would have been a sad day nice and different.  It’s crazy how much can happen in a year. November brought some adventures though!

Currently November 2018 on Shutterbean.com, a monthly wrap up!

Inspired By:

Host a Homemade Holiday Gift Party with the help of Nugget Markets! Find the recipes to sugar scrubs, infused vodka and vanilla extract on Shutterbean.com!

This month I had a Homemade Holiday Gift Party at my house. It reminded me that I love opening up my house to friends. I really like when my dining room table gets to be put to good use. MORE OF THIS PLEASE.

I went on an adventure down the coast with my friend Larkin!

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And we went to Big Sur during Thanksgiving break. That was fun!

My Everyday Life: Week 47 on Shutterbean.com

It was so nice to be able to get outside after we had been stuck indoors for a week because of the smoke.


At nights we’ve been watching the HBO series- The Deuce. It’s heavy! I really love seeing the styling and costuming. The storyline is pretty good. Sometimes I forget that James Franco plays two characters. I love Maggie Gyllenhaal.


I’ve been reading the book The Emotional Eater’s Repair Manual off and on this month.  I’m starting to put the pieces together of my relationship with food and how my childhood shaped a lot of bad habits and coping mechanisms. Food is an easy way to numb feelings.  When I identify how I am feeling and slow myself down to process it, I can prevent myself from eating my feelings. I can find better ways of dealing with the feelings, one day at a time.

Thinking About:

This was the anniversary month of my Mom’s death so I’ve been in introspective mode about that.  Some days it feels like yesterday. Other days it feels like forever. There are so many things I wish I could ask her. It’s especially hard when I am at the doctor’s office and they ask me questions only my Mom would know. No one knows all my family history like my Mom did.

Listening To:

It’s more like, what have you been making your Alexa play for you this past month? Mostly piano music. Some Aimee Mann. For a good few weeks, I was listening to some of my Mom’s favorite musicians and bands which include Sting, The Police, Fleetwood Mac, and The Carpenters.

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Dream Life:

I don’t remember much of my dreams lately. I know that I’ve been sleeping HARD and solidly.

I’m grateful for not waking up much in the middle of the night. Only waking up cuz I can feel a cat sleeping on me and I need to shift.


Here’s what I ate/drank this month that was noteworthy.

Homemade Holiday Gift Party with scrubs, candy cane vodka, and vanilla.

I chose the following three items for us to make

I brought fancy ramen back into the mix.

My Everyday Life: Week 46 on Shutterbean.com

I forgot about how much I loved these Oatmeal Raisin Cookies when I made them for school.

My Everyday Life: Week 46 on Shutterbean.com

Falafel salad and pita chips at Falafel’s Drive-In made me super happy.

My Everyday Life: Week 47 on Shutterbean.com

Tea is my favorite thing this month. It’s been a really good reset when I’m in need of one.

My Everyday Life: Week 47 on Shutterbean.com

I started making Hippy Banana Bread into Muffins this month! Takes 18-20 mins in the oven.

My Everyday Life: Week 46 on Shutterbean.com

Thanksgiving dinner looked like this.

I cooked everything (including a pie!) and my dad’s ladyfriend made a beet salad.

My Everyday Life: Week 47 on Shutterbean.com

I made Homemade Candied Ginger for homemade gifts!

Make your own Crystallized Ginger. Recipe on Shutterbean.com!

Carrot Ginger Bread for the win!

Carrot Ginger Bread is a great way to use leftover carrots. Find the recipe on Shutterbean.com

I’m still thinking about the almond croissant from Big Sur Bakery.

My Everyday Life: Week 47 on Shutterbean.com

Been enjoying my favorite tuna salad 

My Everyday Life: Week 46 on Shutterbean.com

Lemon Ginger Elixir helped my throat during the fires.

My Everyday Life: Week 46 on Shutterbean.com

Self Portrait for November:

My Everyday Life: Week 47 on Shutterbean.com

Goodbye, November. Hello, December. We’re in you already and WHOA you are hectic.

How was your November? Anything you’re looking forward to in December?


  • Laura

    Tracy, thank you so much for your example of love as a daughter, mother, friend, woman, and all the roles you are. The love your Mom created in your family is evident and beautiful; you are continuing that legacy in an amazing way. And her green salad is my go-to, which means her love is being served in Pittsburgh too!

  • Hillary

    Oh, December is always such a mixed bag. I sort of love the holidays but then it feels like it isn’t that much fun because everyone is maxed out and the meaning gets lost. Also, the weather has been so cold and snowy here already.

    That said… my November:

    Inspired by: Family – the good, the bad, the loving, and the destructive.
    Reading: Some truly terrible YA fiction
    Eating: Too much junk from TJ’s seasonal selections
    Listening to: The Bechdel Cast, The Dream, and other podcasts
    Grateful for: My husband

    I know this month must have been achingly hard. Keep on keeping grief weird, friend.

  • Nikki

    Love this post. Moved to London from sf last month so for December I’m looking forward to my family visiting and spending Christmas out here!

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