My Everyday Life: Week 47

Here’s what this past week looked like:

COUSINS!! Playing Xbox Kinect in  matching jammies the day after Thanksgiving.

Something full of apples will be on the blog soon.

Getting ready to make turkey stock from leftovers.

Morning sun. I like wine glass halo it makes on the counter.

Out of like 30+ pictures of Cooper, Eleanor & Henry this was probably the best.

They had a few tipping moments.

This was our Thanksgiving spread!

I didn’t end up spatch-cocking our turkey because I realized it wouldn’t fit in my narrow oven if I did! Oh well!

Kids at the kids table. My sister in law told Henry this might end up on my blog…so he smiled!

See, Henry?!  It’s a good thing you smiled! Look at your silly cousins.

The table at night! Salad course!

The table during the day.

The afternoon sun made it glow!

In the mirror.

A little overview.

I set up a kids table while Cooper was sleeping and when he came down he immediately noticed the plastic KNIFE I put at his place. I had a feeling he would be more excited that I gave him a knife over making him a special table.

Henry’s view.

I had Cooper help me with the place cards.

I wrote the names in pencil and had him trace them.

My Aunt & Uncle used to make this sweet potato dish and since they both passed, I carry on the tradition.

I love looking at my Uncle Bob’s notes. Apparently they learned later on that they could make the recipe with canned yams but this year I roasted 3 lbs. of sweet potatoes. This is a REALLY old Sunset Magazine recipe.

I unpacked my black frames and stuck them up on this mantle. It feels good to have black stuff in my house.

We got a new juicer! I went with an Omega 8006.  I AM IN LOVE!!!

It juices greens like a DREAM.

I also like that it’s not super duper dangerous like my old one. Cooper has been helping me make juices.

A beautiful morning.

The morning after a good storm.

A fantastic sandwich at Rick’s Wine Cellar with my husband.

A salad coming your way soon.

Making pie.

I found another light source for photos in my house.

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  • mariah

    I love your style, lady. You’re dining room chairs are to die for! Love, love!

  • Diane, A Broad

    Now THAT is how you do a kids’ table! I would have been super excited about the knife too.

  • Ula

    Wonderful photos and a great house. The views, the light…. I am sooo jealous

  • Catherine L.

    Hey there shutterbean. I love reading your blogs. I noticed that you had a picture of the turkey stock you were about to make. Could you please post the recipe or email it to me. You may be a fabulous cook but I need all the help I can get! Lol

  • jenny

    love that you found a way to have cooper help with the placecards! and that sandwich does look to die for. are you going to recreate for the blog? (hint, hint. 😉 )

  • Linda

    We generally have two tables also, just to fit everyone in, with one being the kids table (though now the kids in the family are teens and young adults). We ended up with a small enough group this year (9 people) that we only did one table but had a laugh when we realized that if we had done a kids table it would have been our middle son (aged 22 and a former football player) and my dear friend’s 6 year old daughter…

  • amanda (simplemittens)

    it looks like you have a nice little view. And, I’ve never had a small thanksgiving gathering.. I bet that was nice :)

  • dayna

    Wow, tracy your house looks amazing!

  • Jayne

    You are such a master decorator! I can never get my house (or table) to look as classy as yours. So beautiful.

  • Lia

    What a beautiful week! I love looking at these on a Sunday morning whilst i’m all bleary eyed and drinking my coffee! It always makes me want to crack on with the day :)
    Thank You!!

  • Sini

    You really should post the recipe of that sweet potato dish!

  • linda

    Your tables looked beautiful. I love your dining chairs.

  • Jeanette

    amazing house!! love love love =)

  • Ste

    Lovely pics and amazing house, I am in love with your black photo frames.. did you make them ?

  • Christina

    I love the pictures of Cooper with his cousins! My sister and I grew up really close to our cousins– it’s more like having a few extra brothers and sisters.

  • Michelle

    Your chairs are gorgeous! Looks like you had a good week. :)

  • biobabbler

    You are an organizing, planning, creating wonder. My food was not even done when the guests arrived, I’d JUST stopped vacuuming, and I did zero decoration. =)

    The beautiful scenes you create are amazing to me. I always wonder what people’s planning-&-doing schedules are like leading up to such events. It’s such a mystery to me, and I’m REALLY bad at guessing how long things will take. In any case, it all looks SO lovely, great work, I super appreciate all your “this-is-how-I-do-it” sharing. Happy post-Thanksgiving rest time!

  • biobabbler

    p.s. When, oh WHEN are you writing YOUR cook/lifestyle book? I think you do SUCH a great job incorporating seasonal veggies and fruit into every day (something I really need to do more), that alone would make me buy your book. Just so you know. One sale, DONE!

  • Sera

    Oh cousins 😉 loving the table! and those place cards are the sweetest.

  • Chineka (savorthebaking)

    I love the black frames and how Cooper helped with the place cards. The pie making photo is great. I’m glad that you had a fabulous Thanksgiving. :-)

  • Shaleen

    The views from your windows are off the charts!

  • jamie @ green beans & grapefruit

    I’m just so impressed with how perfectly polished your wine glasses are! What’s your secret?!

  • Katie @ Blonde Ambition

    Swooning over your huge windows with so much light!

    Love that Cooper is left handed, and the matching pajamas are too cute.

  • Sandra

    I love that table set-up, really beautiful and cozy. The blue table runner is probably my favorite part, such a great pop of color. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cathy

    I always look forward to these posts!

    I found your blog via Sometimes Sweet and so glad I did :) The natural lighting is gorgeous and those matching jammies are the most adorable things ever!

    Cathy Trails

  • Leslie

    Tracy—what a gorgeous spread! I think you pulled it off without a hitch! What recipe did you end up using for the turkey?

  • Jen

    That first picture looks like a Kinect ad! (Minus the leg on the right, haha.)

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