My Everyday Life Week 47

Here’s what this past week looked like My Everyday Life Week 47

So much orange this week. It’s my Mom’s color and today is the 2nd anniversary of her death.

Here’s what that week looked like. I am glad I powered threw and shared that week. 

Our house is in the in-between world of renovations. This tree is popping.

I haven’t been able to garden and it’s messing with me.

A trip into the city. The hand caught my eye and then that orange glow at the top of the building made me happy.  It’s a reflection of the sunset.

Checking out the new in-flight menu for Alaska Airlines with Chefs Tanya Holland, Brandon Jew, and Belinda Leong.

Trip to Renegade Craft Fair with Neiley. It was a beautiful day in the city.

Fort Mason gets so peopley.

Finding sparkle…even in the shadows.

His shadow caught my eye.


Sparkle break.

Hippie Hash

Good to know.

A bowl of health.

Controlling behaviors can be studied.

Finding love in a bunch of bric-a-brac.

I see my 604.

Goodmorning, SON. SHINE!

I love it when we breakfast together.

Testing out new pens! These ZIG Brushables are so brilliant! 

I almost teared up when I used the orange. IT IS SO GOOD.

Speaking of orange. Hello. If you have an orange car, please let me sit in it. Thank you.

Getting my prep brain going.

Working list.

He fell asleep reading.

Stain comparisons.

Movies with Angela! We saw JUDY.  (it was really good!)

Notes from the universe.

A rainbow beam next to my husband.

Testing pens with Sam. This one caught my attention.

Six of pentacles.

Tea Tasting at Wu Wu Wei  Temple.

I’m learning all about tea and there is so much to learn!

I didn’t want to make dinner but did. YAY.

Cuddle puddle on my bed.

Making many! Hoping they come true.

In a rut.

Lunch and labyrinths with Becca! 

I was just discussing GRIEF WAVES with my friend Andrea when I passed this bus.

A nice note & package from Frieda’s.


His Aunt Lala sends him jammies that match his cousins and he gets so excited.

New haircut for Cooper.

New haircut for me!

Pulling archetype cards.

Before the rain comes!

Afternoon light.

She is part seal. Or maybe otter?

Another I didn’t feel like cooking but I did it anyways- Burrito bowls.

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  • Gaby

    Love your short hair!
    What is the name of that book with the bit on control?

  • txu

    Also love the hair!
    And the colors and the light.
    And all that sleek feline softness.
    And cuddle puddles.
    And the peek into your recipe binder (eager to see more of it one day…)
    And congrats on making those dinners and moving through sadness when all you might want to do is curl into a ball and stay very very still.

    And grateful hugs to you this Thanksgiving week for sharing these moments with us.

  • Erica

    Your haircut makes me want to go back to a pixie cut. I just couldn’t style it to be punk enough for my liking.

    Do you have a recipe for the burrito bowls? I can’t ever get mine to taste like the taqueria magic. Thanks!

  • ashley

    Thank you for sharing, as always. Wishing you a peaceful week. Hang in there. xoxo

  • Allison

    I am excited to see your new gardens and deck area. Love your new do.
    Always remember that your mom is always with you.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  • Jennifer

    Oooooh, thank you for reminding me how much I love your artichoke bars. I’ve gotta make them again!

  • Heidi

    I love your new pixie cut! Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving with your family.

  • Maire

    I looked up your recipe for Artichoke Bars because they remind me of the Spinach Bars that I have been making recently. Sure enough, it is a very similar recipe and now you’ve got me thinking to do Spinach Artichoke Bars. All the best to you and your family during this bittersweet time. <3

  • Alicia A

    Is that a collection of Matha Stewarts Everyday Food?

  • Kathleen

    Great haircut! Bittersweet revisit on the 2 year anniversary. I can’t believe it’s already been 2 years. Would love it if you posted some pictures of her. I feel like we would have been great friends. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • kyass

    My every day life week is very busy routine mostly i spend my whole tym working working and working

    • Tracy

      hopefully you can find a way to take good care of yourself while you work hard!

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