My Everyday Life: Week 47

Here’s what this past week looked like:

COUSINS!! Playing Xbox Kinect in  matching jammies the day after Thanksgiving.

Something full of apples will be on the blog soon.

Getting ready to make turkey stock from leftovers.

Morning sun. I like wine glass halo it makes on the counter.

Out of like 30+ pictures of Cooper, Eleanor & Henry this was probably the best.

They had a few tipping moments.

This was our Thanksgiving spread!

I didn’t end up spatch-cocking our turkey because I realized it wouldn’t fit in my narrow oven if I did! Oh well!

Kids at the kids table. My sister in law told Henry this might end up on my blog…so he smiled!

See, Henry?!  It’s a good thing you smiled! Look at your silly cousins.

The table at night! Salad course!

The table during the day.

The afternoon sun made it glow!

In the mirror.

A little overview.

I set up a kids table while Cooper was sleeping and when he came down he immediately noticed the plastic KNIFE I put at his place. I had a feeling he would be more excited that I gave him a knife over making him a special table.

Henry’s view.

I had Cooper help me with the place cards.

I wrote the names in pencil and had him trace them.

My Aunt & Uncle used to make this sweet potato dish and since they both passed, I carry on the tradition.

I love looking at my Uncle Bob’s notes. Apparently they learned later on that they could make the recipe with canned yams but this year I roasted 3 lbs. of sweet potatoes. This is a REALLY old Sunset Magazine recipe.

I unpacked my black frames and stuck them up on this mantle. It feels good to have black stuff in my house.

We got a new juicer! I went with an Omega 8006.  I AM IN LOVE!!!

It juices greens like a DREAM.

I also like that it’s not super duper dangerous like my old one. Cooper has been helping me make juices.

A beautiful morning.

The morning after a good storm.

A fantastic sandwich at Rick’s Wine Cellar with my husband.

A salad coming your way soon.

Making pie.

I found another light source for photos in my house.

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