November 10, 2017


 I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. A backstage pass to history. Some lovely photos in here.
  2. I’m Winona Ryder… oof
  3. Sexual harassment in the food industry. See also Tom Colicchio’s response.
  4. If you’re also obsessed with reading about birthdays, GET LOST HERE.
  5. MARTHA is a beast!
  6. Sometime to watch once you’ve finished Stranger Things Season 2
  7. Very satisfying. 
  8. In search of the authentic selfie.
  9. Inspired by: Tammi + Andrea’s November Challenge  + Becca
  10. It’s kinda fun to see what people wear to work.
  11. This makes me want to style a tray combo immediately.
  12. This is the future of grocery shopping???? GOD NO.
  13. UNSEND!
  14. How to make the perfect pie crust.
  15. Fingers crossed!
  16. Is Mark Zuckerberg the last believer in Facebook? 
  17. If you’re having problems with your iPhone (like I was!)
  18. How often should you take a vacation?
  19. Perfectly framed photos are my favorite.
  20. A photographer recreates a Dali scene. So cool!
  21. From confessional poetry to reality tv….
  22. What is this even?
  23. Weekend reading: The Empath’s Survival Empath

have a great weekend!

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