June 7, 2019



  1. Let’s hear it for the average child.
  2. This must be incredible in person.
  3. A new/genius way to eat s’mores- use Ritz crackers! 
  4. 57 out of 90 California restaurants with Michelin stars are from the Bay Area.
  5. Ina + Nigella are role models. 
  6. I am an adventurous eater. 51/54
  7. Keanu Reeves is to good for this world. 
  8. Ikea is working on a vegan meatball!
  9. Pain Killer Cocktail to wipe out a stressful day.
  10. How to be happy– advice from a nearly 90-year-old.
  11. Some Golden Girls gems! I need to start watching re-runs again.
  12. Father’s day gift idea: Bug-A-Salt (very popular at my house)
  13. The most unique AirBnBs around the world. 
  14. There are punching bags around NYC now. I’d totally use one.
  15. Gratitude rewires your brain to be happier.
  16. Time travel: the first eclipse captured on film
  17. When you’re tempted to shop online, search Airbnb instead.
  18. Google maps will show you where natural disasters strike.
  19. Let’s go on a picnic in San Francisco this Summer. (if it’s not foggy!)
  20. Some adults are treating reading like homework.
  21. Weekend reading (not homework): Motivation Manifesto


See you at Napa Makes tomorrow, Saturday, June 8th! 10-4  🙂



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