November 1, 2019



  1. Another reason to love Paul Rudd.
  2. Couples who won at Halloween with their costumes.
  3. You can stay at Harry Potter’s house on Airbnb
  4. The importance of tending friendships.
  5. What happens to your clothes when you throw them away?
  6. Some amazing Halloween decorations to borrow for next year.
  7. Note to future self: put out an empty bowl of halloween candy.
  8. One way to keep dogs off your lawn…
  9. Such a cute haunted house!
  10. I love leopard: denim jacket / shoes / puffer jacket 
  11. 5 things we miss about the Scholastic Book Fair
  12. There are some amazing photos in this contest
  13. Whoa look at this embroidered quilt!
  14. More than half the children in the US have smartphones. Cooper isn’t one of them.
  15. Fasting is the latest craze in Silcon Valley
  16. I love looking inside vintage trailers.
  17. Oh and I also love vintage fruit crate labels too.
  18. Aaron Sorkin wrote a letter to Mark Zuckerberg
  19. How friendships change at the end of life.
  20. Instagram will now tell you if something is fake news.
  21. I would make this pumpkin gingersnap ice cream cake if I was you!
  22. Adding new things to my Etsy Shop soon! Stay tuned.

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  • Jamie

    My son’s school just finished the Fall Scholastic Book Fair! I love going, still, and reminding myself I don’t need another fruity smelling pencil or cute little notepad. I really don’t. Really… = )

    • Susan

      I volunteer in the elementary school library near my house. (I used to be a school librarian before I quit to help take care of my parents for a few years.)
      One of the things the librarian has me do when the Scholastic Book Fair comes and sets up, is to put many of the toys and other little items back in their boxes after the company rep leaves. Things that could be used as school supplies stay out.
      It’s been great because the kids focus more on the books that way.

      • Jamie

        I totally get that. There’s one small table of pencils and stuff and the rest is books, books, books. = )

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