January 10, 2020



  1. For you Ron Swanson lovers
  2. Some people use google maps to look at their dead loved ones.
  3. Old timey fashion photography
  4. Seasonal depression can happen any time of the year. 
  5. The art & philosophy of bonsai
  6. Cheetos popcorn is now a thing.
  7. The print on this dress is so cute
  8. This is good design.
  9. Doggo facts!
  10. A beautifully simple wall calendar
  11. Animals licking windows
  12. To make: red curry soup / roasted broccoli & beans
  13. Scientists calculate how much longer you can live with a healthier lifestyle
  14. More proof that people aged faster in the past. 
  15. What does it mean to step back as royals?
  16. Married Kama Sutra (lol)
  17. Gen X women are getting less sleep than any other generation.
  18. I wish I could draw like this!
  19. Speaking of drawing, here’s two months FREE of Premium Skillshare classes.
  20. The best products of CES 2020
  21. I’m firing up my juicer this weekend to make my favorite juice.
  22. The strange, spiritual origins of the ouija board

More food journals in the shop! Shipping them out this weekend. 

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