June 5, 2017

Intentions for the Week:

Happy Monday!  This is the last week of school (which is mostly half days!) for us, so we have a bunch to do before the break starts.  I am going to spend a chunk of time with my calendar this week to sort out our Summer. I’m looking forward to not having to rush out of the house like a maniac every morning and figuring out what to pack for lunch every day!

Let’s see what’s up this week:


  • make dentist appointment (FINALLY)
  • get my child a haircut
  • make dinner for Kris & Bob
  • make a loaf of banana bread
  • yoga x 2 and a hike thrown in would be great
  • do meal prep & make kombucha 
  • post Summer bucket list
  • write teachers thank you notes & gifts
  • confirm summer camp stuff
  • LAUNDRY like a boss
  • fix succulents in front yard
  • straighten up closet 
  • make a list of daily/weekly chores for Cooper for Summer
  • straighten up bookshelf in living room/put books back
  • edit photos (sandwiches & wings)
  • make an ice cream cake
  • return to Target
  • go through prop closet & sort
  • start list for camping trip


Last Week’s Intentions:

  • try to be off the computer on Memorial Day + enjoy family time
  • yoga x 2  and maybe a hike?   Yoga x 3!!!
  • clean out freezer
  • post summer bucket list (coming this week- stay tuned!)
  • post Currently- May 2017 wrap up   post currently May here
  • edit honey mustard wings
  • straighten up guest bedroom
  • Cooper haircut (happening soon!)
  • catch up on letter writing (still have many international letters to write!)
  • drop off library books
  • donate clothes to thrift shop
  • clean keyboards
  • make kombucha/meal prep (made ginger brew kombucha-need to make adjustments)
  • straighten up pantry situation  (make list of things needed)
  • trip to the dump (still in gathering stage)
  • trip to Target
  • do a face mask/eye mask situation
  • figure out returning bookshelves
  • get as much done as I can before school break starts! (still on the list!)

What about you?  What are you up to this week?

Leave your intentions in the comments- I love seeing what you’re up to!

  • Rachel L Frenkil

    After my college reunion this past weekend, I am trying for no coffee (!!!) this week, going to make it to yoga at least once, and finally hang up all the things in my apartment that are sitting on the floor. Like, I’ve only lived there for 10 months but I still don’t have curtains up yet, whaaat?

  • Christine

    I normally read your blog on my phone through bloglovin and the strikethrough lines never show up, so I’ve been so confused. Ha!

    This week is my first week of summer break (I am a teacher), so I just need to basically get my shit together and figure out what has to be done while also being as lazy as possible 😉

    • Tracy

      oh!! HAHAA. I can imagine that must look weird then. I had no idea!

  • Abby

    Thanks so much for sharing these Tracy! I’ve found that between reading your intentions and posting mine here, I’m actually getting stuff done!

    This week, I will:
    1. Cook a real dinner every night
    2. Clean my house and keep it that way!
    3. Prep for my mom’s visit next weekend
    4. Only spend $ on essentials
    5. Be outside more

    • Tracy

      that makes me so happy!

      i’m definitely working on # 1, 2, 4 and 5 myself 🙂

  • Jamie

    The meditation is feeling good so I’m going to keep that going, and:

    -Sleep. Sleep more. Hope sleep is uninterrupted by dogs or small children.
    -Meditate daily
    -Inventory my food supplies and plan meals around that rather than buy more groceries
    -Play with paper (#100DaysofPlayingWithPaper has fallen behind a bit…)

    Oh, you’ll appreciate this: when I dropped my little off at preschool there was a white cat in the front seat of the car next to us. I got out and said to the man standing there “nice co-pilot!” He says “Yeah, he’s driving, and he locked me out.” HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Happy Monday, Tracy!

    • Tracy

      wishing you a good week of sleep!!

      HAHAHAAA. He got locked out by a cat???


  • Rebeca

    I’m cooking for 20 on Saturday and I need to decide what I’m making and what can be done ahead.
    I also want/hope to do Pilates every day, even if it’s only 15 minutes. My back will thank me!

  • Merideth

    All my intentions for the week are gathered around getting stuff for my car sorted out. Here in Canada we have to renew our license plates every year, and our driver’s licences and health cards every few years… And they all expire ON OUR BIRTHDAYS. So I’m running around getting that done before my birthday next week. My intentions include “Get a hair cut” since I have to get my licence picture taken and it’ll be with me for years.

  • Kimberly

    Well, let’s see now…
    – call house insurance agent. again.
    – bring last class treats for students Thursday
    – finish tight comps of sticker project for client
    – barre class 3x (one down!)
    – decide about buying paper flower book… summer project? (paper to petal)
    – library
    – think of name for student poster show. edit work
    – mama cat vet appt.
    – receipts/bills (yuk)
    – make peanut almond miso cookies!

    have a great week you guys!

  • janine

    love this idea. do this weekly but feel like making it pseudo public will make me accountable 😉

    – mail things to non-local bridesmaid’s for my friends shower
    – buy a picture frame
    – get a wedding card for another friend’s wedding
    – get my eyebrows threaded
    – get a mani/pedi
    – at least 3 workouts (2 runs/1 yoga)
    – register for a september race in philly
    -do my laundry…or at least drop it off for wash + fold
    -put little patio grill away in its bag
    -pack lunch every day
    -cook dinners out of the fridge/freezer before leaving for the weekend
    -buy prosecco (something tells me i’ll complete this one juuuuust fine)

  • dana828

    YES to the banana bread! I have some lingering bananas I’ve been meaning to bake with but it’s been too dang hot here to feel like getting it done.

    This week:
    -put together the guest list for Dad’s 80th birthday party (?!)
    -long bike ride
    -catch up on the damn laundry!
    -oil change
    -figure out 1 more activity for vacation (Oregon here we come!)

    Nothing major here this week on the home front! This is our slow week of summer before all the craziness starts. Just going to try to enjoy it!

  • Christina

    Tracy, I LOVE reading your intentions lists! Creating lists always helps with my overwhelmedness 🙂

    – register boys for swim lessons
    – mail package to friend
    – go to Typo and buy cards
    – father’s day gifts!
    – yoga/workout 3xs
    – invite friends over Saturday night (excuse to bbq and eat ice cream cake)
    – finish reading current book
    – take boys to library
    – eat salads for lunch

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