My brain wants there to be three extra slices of apple off to the side of the frame here.  Then I could make these slices of apple with peanut butter and granola into little sandwiches. Wouldn’t that be nice? I wouldn’t even mind the peanut butter that oozed out of the sides. Make sure you pop the seeds out of the apple…or even core it of you feel so inclined. It turns them into little apple doughnuts…sorta.

In this little snack of mine, I used one of my favorite granola recipes for the top. It adds just enough crunch to balance it all out.  This is one of those good breakfast/after-school/OMG when is  itgoing to be time to GO HOME from work already?!!! situations.

Homemade Pizza Bagels

Make Your Own PIZZA BAGELS!! // shutterbean

My niece was visiting this summer from Massachusetts (Hi Cam!) and we were having a conversation about what she likes to eat and  I was surprised to find out that pizza bagels were high up her list. Pizza Bagels! I totally forgot about pizza bagels. How could I forget about pizza bagels??!

Make Your Own PIZZA BAGELS!! // shutterbean

In the attempt to create an easy/make ahead meal that’s great for school lunches, I bring you PIZZA BAGELS. Much like my freezer burritos and breakfast burritos recipes, these pizza bagels are great to have in your weeknight arsenal. They’re a freezer staple! They’re also good for those nights when Casey and I want to eat food Cooper doesn’t like. I’ll just throw a few of these pizza bagels in the oven and he’s easily taken care of.

Make Your Own PIZZA BAGELS!! // shutterbean

Don’t feel like making a whole pizza?  Don’t feel like cooking…really? Just take out a few pizza bagels from the freezer, heat up your oven and 14 minutes later dinner is served. It’s all so simple. Crunchy, doughy, bite-sized goodness.

I split this batch into two different types of pizza bagels because I’m not a huge fan of pepperoni like Cooper is. I do love a good Greek Pizza so we both have our favorites.

Pizza bagels are now filed under:  WEEKLY MEAL PREP IDEAS and Lunchbox Favorites, and good for Football Season Bites!

And I Quote:

Bravery is being // shutterbean

The Most Important Trip // shutterbean

Art is the only way // shutterbean

The coldest summer // shutterbean

Gratitude is the best // shutterbean

My Everyday Life: Week 37

Here’s what this past week looked like:

Hmm. Who could have done that??

My Everyday Life: Week 37

I love lists, Friday!


  1. A picture that has nothing to do with how much people like you.
  2. Yes to this Orange Chicken! 
  3. Have you ever been to a Food Festival?
  4. If you could start over at 18, what would you do differently?
  5. #19 made me laugh
  6. Who really likes a Red Delicious apple??
  7. Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING!
  8. I would make you a delicious meal in your new kitchen, Emily!
  9. On having a 9/11 birthday
  10. Kids lunches DONE RIGHT!
  11. Apple Fritter WAFFLE Doughnuts. I MEAN.
  12. This granola looks bonkers!
  13. Let’s all make Apple Pie Biscuits!
  14. My kind of salad.
  16. It’s gonna be fun to text Cooper one day. 
  17. This guy really loves his cat.
  18. Road Trip Snacks!
  19. 21 Hospital Foods from Around the World
  20. I now want to try pink lipstick! I’ve never worn it before. Crazy, right?


Savory Snack Mix // shutterbean

Why buy a own pre-made snack mix when you can make your own???  When I’m making a batch of snack mix, I always start with pretzels, a cheddar cracker component, and a combination of nuts. Sometimes I thrown in a few peanut butter chips or chocolate chips to shock the taste buds.  I added roasted peanuts and smoked almonds to this mix and it was perfection!  The different crunches from the pretzels, crackers and nuts will amaze. Mix it all up in a gigantic jar and you’re prepared for snack o’clock!

Sour Cream & Onion Popcorn

Sour Cream + Onion Popcorn // shutterbean

As someone who is immersed in the food world, it’s sometimes easy to fall into the state of being jaded/unimpressed with food. I know, it’s crazy, right? Perhaps it comes from finding a good recipe, taking pictures WHILE making recipe, writing about the recipe, posting the recipe online with the hopes of inspiring people to make it and then moving onto the next recipe. This. Over and over again. I’ll have you know that it’s absolutely liberating to make a recipe without documenting it and sometimes I fantasize about what life must be like if that were my reality.  Either way, I love this space and I hope it’s obvious that I love what I do here or else I wouldn’t keep doing it!

Sour Cream + Onion Popcorn // shutterbean

With that said, I look through A LOT of cookbooks for inspiration on a daily basis and so I feel like I’ve already seen renditions of recipes online…. so I keep flipping. But when I was looking through Seriously Delish (such an appropriate title) by my friend Jessica, I was like WHOA. YES. I WANT THAT. GIMME. Just wait until you see Celebrations (for times when calories don’t count!) section. Holy mother of GOD. There are combinations that make my mind race like Cinnamon Sugar Bacon, Chocolate & Peanut Butter Lover’s Brownies, Buffalo Chicken Pizza and Coffee & Doughnuts ICE CREAM.  And suddenly I feel inspired by food again. One of the recipes that stood out to me was this “Sour Cream & Onion” Popcorn recipe. I’ve been wanting to make a homemade cheese powder for a popcorn and Jessica figured it out for us. Thanks, boo!

Sour Cream + Onion Popcorn // shutterbean

How did it go? Well…. I started out taking a small bowl of popcorn away from the kitchen to munch on while I worked…and then two trips later I was like OMG THIS IS TOO DANG GOOD and I WANT A PERFECT BITE/HANDFUL TO FINISH and then I kept going. I proceeded to bring the gigantic bowl out to Casey who quickly finished the rest.  So, I’d say it went pretty well!  I can see this being a hit during football season. Just make sure you put a roll of paper towels near the bowl. It’s a good kind of messy.

Shutterbean Summer Recipes 2014


School is in session, Halloween is slowly creeping its way into Target (TOO SOON!) and apples & pears are quickly dominating my favorite grocery stores. Even though we are due for some warm weather here in the Bay Area, I can definitely see signs of Summer coming to an end. What was with that chill in the air last night??!  SAD FACE! I was looking through my Pinterest this morning…contemplating how good the eats were this Summer!

Here’s what I made in the kitchen this Summer of 2014 for Shutterbean.

When we’re deep in Winter of ’14-’15 we’ll have to look at this post when we piiiiiiiiiine for Summer. What should I make in Fall 2014??