sweets I made for our 4th of july block party

magnolia cookbook recipes:

vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream /chocolate ones too! (frosting was amazing)

banana pudding (very tasty, i have tons leftover since i tripled the recipe!)

  • reya

    these look so devilishly tempting! chocolate and vanilla is such a classic combination, and on some days, a better combination that say, chocolate and chocolate.

  • Tracy

    agreed. the chocolate with vanilla frosting was popular! I was shocked to found out how many people aren’t into vanilla vanilla. For some reason im not into vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. Chocolate chocolate is sooo decadent!!! ok im hungry now.

  • Melisser

    Mmm, the banana pudding looks great!

    Did you like the Magnolia cupcakes? I find them dry & bland.
    It’s funny, vanilla / vanilla is good to me!

  • tracy

    melisser, darling-

    they were hella dry the next day. they also didn’t bake evenly- there were parts that were burnt and parts that were not cooked all the way. I liked the taste (very simple-not cornmeal tasting)..they were more moist than the ones you get at the bakery…but i’m still not convinced that they are perfection.

  • Melisser

    Try the Billy’s Vanilla Vanilla recipe next! I swear it’s much better!

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