October 26, 2018


 I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. How you should really be measuring success.
  2. #3 LOLZ
  3. Thought provoking illustrations.
  4. How to find the perfect time to write.
  5. I didn’t even know there was such thing as a Five More Rule.
  6. If you also wondered about her song in A Star is Born…
  7. A very interesting idea for a restaurant pop-up. Can’t say I’m not curious!
  8. Halloween costume knock-offs
  9. Also a really good roundup of Halloween costume ideas. 
  10. UPS launches an Ebike in Seattle. Looks kinda fun to ride.
  11. A nearly perfect rectangular iceberg found in the Antartic. 
  12. The music at restaurants effects how much people tip.
  13. Caregiving for someone with Alzheimer’s is incredibly stressful. 
  14. I wish my family would eat this cuz it’s my ideal dinner.
  15. This whole David Schwimmer debacle is hilarious. 
  16. We don’t wear shoes in our house.
  17. Vintage photos of life before AutoCAD.
  18. Have you watched Salt Fat Acid & Heat yet?  I want more episodes!!
  19. There’s gonna be a Clueless reboot! Curious…
  20. What words came to be the year you were born?
  21. Weekend lounge/errand wear:  Dress/ leggings/ converse / long sweater
  22. I fell down a rabbit hole of bullet journal supplies on Etsy this week.
  23. Maybe some baked spaghetti will be in your weekend plans? Pair it with a salad! 

  • Jane M

    I have a love/hate relationship with the internets! HAHA! I see, I want, and sometimes I BUY! That Etsy link was … a page filled with WONDERFUL supplies! Did you resist or shop? Happy FriYAY!

  • Susan

    Found the words/dictionary think fascinating and amuysing.
    Seems the word “bobblehead” was added the year I was born. Maybe that explains my obsession of making sure we get tickets to every Chicago Cubs game that involves a bobblehead giveaway?

  • emily

    I used to get in trouble all the time when I was little for always being barefoot in the house. Iowa winters get cold and parents think you at least need socks for some reason. 1984 had an interesting variety of words one of them being sriracha.

  • Shawna

    That baked spaghetti is on our weekly rotation since it’s the only dish that no one complains about.

    And do you you really own that weekend outfit cuz that dress looks comfy AND hecka budget friendly!

  • Taylor

    Salt Fat Acid Heat was so so good. I cried! I definitely need more Samin on my television screen stat!

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