At this moment–I love:

I just read Whitney’s list of What She is Loving at this Moment….

and got inspired to share with you some of mine!

Besides my cats & my hubbyI looooove:

The First Communion- mixed media piece by Erin E. Wilson

Coffee Cuffs from -I keep one in my bag so I’m never without them!

Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine -I carry one in every purse & there’s one in my car too! It’s refreshing!

Sukie Sticky Notes– because Post-Its should BE this CUTE!!

Neutrogena Norweigan Fast Absorbing Hand Cream– cuz I HATE it when hand creams leave your hands sticky. I like to apply it when I’m at a really long stop light in the car. It’s the only time I remember to do so!

Method Aroma Pill- in Vanilla Apple Even though my house is a mess with the kitchen remodel, at least it’s smelling fresh!

The FURminator– If I didn’t have this, my house would be filled with too many cat tumbleweeds to count! It’s WORTH every penny. I swear.

This American Life Podcast– It helps me get through my long commute everyday! Their program on Showtime is really good too!

This Blog CRACKS ME UP like you wouldn’t believe.

-I’m also enjoying the combo of Cranberry Juice, Lime & Sparkling water. MMMMMMM. It makes me think I’m having a cocktail when I’m at work!

That’s it for now!

Now share some of your current favorites! It’s fun!

  • Sally

    You have a gorgeous cat.

    (And ooh, I’m intrigued by the Aroma Pill.)

  • wootowl

    we have many favorites in common, you and me bean. i prefer the (seasonal, what’s up with that?) cinnamon clove aroma pill- i can’t seem to adequately stock up so now i’m back to vanilla apple… the furminator, thanks for the tip; this year we can avoid the emergency vet procedure to remove the massive blockage in lucy… it’s about time you shared your favorites with the rest of the world, though i did like feeling speshull… YP!!!

  • Melisser

    I think I may have to get that Furminator!

  • xsquared

    I really want the FURminator, but the price has been holding me back. Your endorsement may get me to actually buy it the next time I see it. The shedding is out of control in our house.

  • Tracy

    sally- thank you! That’s Remy- she’s actually the unphotogenic cat of mine. Pinot is much cuter 😉 The aroma pill is great- and pretty inexpensive for a good scent!

    Woot: always glad to share with you. You know it!

    Melisser & Xsquared: DO IT. I was shocked at the price…and then one day I caved in. It helps sooo much and you can SEE how much it thins their coats. My bebes love it during this time of year! It is a GREAT investment. When I give demos to friends & neighbors they are always amazed…until I tell them the price…and then they say screw it and go out and buy it. It just works that well…

  • Jen

    Yay, I did mine, too! I’m interested in the aroma pill, too–I don’t like them when they’re too strong!

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