My Everyday Life Week 19

Here’s what this past week looked like – My Everyday Life Week 19

Working on produce shots this week for a client.

I was in my happy place…

Playing with food…

I forget how much the colors of fruits and vegetables speak to me.

I was supposed to teach a class in Santa Fe this month but it got canceled due to the pandemic.

I’m so bummed but also grateful to have stuff to work on. I love a creative challenge.

Social distancing with trees.


I got to see my friend Emma this week. We met up and hung out spaced apart.

It’s so weird not to be able to hug your friend!

I am having a hard time knowing what people are saying without reading their lips.

Wearing masks is confusing.

Before we took a trip to the farmer’s market.

Watering neighbor’s flowers.

I am a bread maker.

Organizing my pencil set that was disorganized because of KID.


We had Pina Coladas this week. I enjoyed them.

Casey froze his for later. He wasn’t that big of a fan.


He is our stress relief and our mascot.

I made cold sesame noodles with some pork and jalapenos. Cooper complained. Casey and I enjoyed it.

Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo.

Shrimp tacos too!

Huggy being a turtle.

I love it when Cooper has art assignments from school. We’ve been doing them together.

I made this cozy little spot on our deck.

Been enjoying sunflower seed butter with celery and killer granola for snack time this week.

Happiness is takeout with curly fries.

Painting a backdrop. All the years in drama club paid off.

He is both.


Cooper unraveled a tape measure this week (AWESOME!). The cats have been playing with it.

I wish I knew what pen this was.

Having a sip of Casey’s drink.


Husband ordered pizza. Thank you, husband.

Life sure is entertaining here.

Eating green things.

Grocery store pretties.

Long boi.

I took this photo at night.


Same with my cucumbers.]

Saturday light.

Rock Roses are blooming. They’re wild in my yard.

Social distancing with neighbors. SO FUN.

Cake delivery from Miette. Happy Mother’s Day to MEEEEEEE.



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  • Jane M

    Good morning and happy mom moms day! What pencil sharpener do you use on your Prismacolors? I adore my pencils but I fight to sharpen mine. Thanks ♥️

  • Cristina

    Happy Mothers Day!! Love reading your posts,
    and your pictures are beautiful. Have a fantastic day.


    DID I read “Pen–Colada”?

  • coco

    those fruits shots are soooooo beautiful, they made me smile instantly.
    also love those shots with sunshine/sunlight… it gives hope and positive vibe.

  • Byanca

    I’m looking forward to reading a post abour your happy hour quarantine recipes, they all look so yummy!!
    Also, I’m totally going to try that celery-nut butter-granola stitch.

  • Alicia Carlson

    Morning. Just a quick note of caution about planing mint. I would put in a pot. It multiples and TAKES over your garden, It smells great but very quickly will take over all your other plants. Wish someone would have told me 🙂

    • Tracy

      I’m hoping that that whole planter becomes mint and I can transfer the rest to the bigger plants 🙂

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