My Everyday Life Week 8

Here’s what this past week looked like: My Everyday Life Week 8

Blossom confetti in a no parking zone. The colors woke me up. 

Watching him pitch stresses me out.

If only I could bring my therapy cats….

His travel baseball team made it to the championship!

We stay in bed cuddling in the morning.

He likes watching sharks on TV.

This handwriting doesn’t seem up to Trader Joe’s standards. 

Working in my Currently Workbook!

A grocery list.

Indian Curry Turkey Burgers!



Shipping our orders from my Etsy Shop.


A cucumber avocado rice salad with a spicy Asian dressing.

Maybe I’ll post it sometime. 

I’m on a bowl of frozen peaches for dessert kick.

Made Broccoli Beef.

Still doing the whole dairy free thing. So Delicious coconut milk yogurt has been my favorite so far.

Major bed head.

Boy clothes.

Fell in love with the purple in this kale.

There’s a rainbow somewhere in there.

Stopped in Wu Wei  for tea.

And people watching.

Doggo alert.

What I see when we are in bed watching tv at night.

Went for a walk. Brought my notebook.

Didn’t have headphones so I drew.

Starting making a mermaid.

Leftover from Valentine’s Day.

Found a paint-by-number Jesus at the thrifts.

Husband breakfast.

Valentine’s Day is just Halloween in February it seems. Except everything is pink and red.


Huggy found a basket he is obsessed with.

He also lost a kitten tooth.  I had no idea that happened!

Worked out in my yard this week.

I always forget to wear gloves.

I believe good energy soaks in that way.

Front yard from above.

Also filling up this space.

Deck is done and filled with pollen right now.

Can’t wait to fire up the grill!

They are warming up to each other.

In my bathroom.

View from bed.

There’s hope these two will be friends.

I’ve seen a few dead bees at our house and it’s making me so sad.

How I feel my Mom.  She bursts through the garden in big light beams.

Cooper wanted me to put that bench out there for her.


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  • Sara

    I used to find kitten teeth from my two girls. They look like fossils or shark teeth!

    • Tracy

      They totally do!!

    • Jamie

      I pulled a puppy tooth out of puppy’s mouth (she was chewing on something, which is usually a chunk of bark from the firewood) last week – totally had that same “what the?” reaction. = )

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