Quick Chicken Stir Fry

note to self: make this again

winner winner chicken dinner!

I am not sure all the steps that went into this…as I was trying to

1. feed bebe
2. clean up kitchen
3. unload dishwasher (ugggh dread!)
4. unpack bag from work

So here’s a short list of what’s involved:

Boneless thighs marniated in Trader Joe’s Soyaki overnight
(it’s their version of the Soy Vay Teriakyi sauce that’s super good)

I grilled it on the grill– about 5 mins per side.

My Stir Fry included:
-1 large red onion
-1/2 head cabbage
-2 green onions
-1 clove garlic chopped
-handful of green beans chopped
-handful of shredded carrots
-a few dashes of vegetable oil
-splash of soyaki
-splash of Sriracha (momma likes heat)
-2 beaten eggs scrambled in the mix

all topped on some brown rice.

mmmm burps soo good

insert big burp here ___________

  • jen

    sriracha is the best.

  • maija

    I love that teriyaki sauce – both the soy ve and the TJ’s version. It’s great on
    salmon and for baking tofu, too.

  • petesjoy

    Quick, easy and tasty. My bf is a vegetarian, so I replaced the chicken with Quorn pieces (UK), marinating it with some teriyaki, rice wine vinegar and some honey and then frying it off and then removing it from the wok. I added some chopped coriander before serving and then garnished with some sesame seeds.

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