December 9, 2010

Cookie Party!

Hosting a cookie party this holiday season? Maybe you’re attending one? Want to make a huge tin of cookies for all your friends & family?  Here’s some recipes that might inspire you to do something different this year!

Have a foodie friend who loves bacon? Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies will do the trick!

They’re also gluten free!

Hazelnut Espresso Cookies– pair some with a 1lb. bag of coffee beans & a mug for that Coffee Loving friend!

Still not enough goods for your friend? Add a french press!

Earl Grey Tea Cookies– for your Tea Loving friend!

A bag of loose tea & strainer would be fun addition. Add in a fancy jar of honey while you’re at it!

Orange Hazelnut Biscotti! Take them a step further and dip half  of each biscotti in white chocolate!

My sister in law would take it an additional step further with sparkly sprinkles!

Cherrywink Cookies! A blast from the past! One of your older relatives will get teary.

A recipe from my great grandmother!

Need something colorful to round out your cookie platter? Raspberry Thumbprint cookies will help!

Not a fan of raspberry jam? Use your #1 jam choice instead!

Looking for something that stacks well & tastes divine? Chewy Molasses Cookies!

I like to take two at a time and bite into them. Cheweeeeeeee!

For the chocolate lover, Better Than Brownie Cookies!

Think– brownie edges turned into a cookie! NOM.

Want something that will turn heads? White Chocolate Almond Chunk Cookies to the rescue!

I’m sure people will ask you- What on earth are these and how can I get the recipe?!

Have no time? You can make these Oatmeal Raisin Cookies in a snap!!

They’re a classic!

For those of you who love Squares how about these?!!

For someone who is NUTS for NUTS, how about Honey Nut Squares?!

They meet my nut requisite- which is pretty high!

Fig Crumble Bars for when you have no time to scoop out cookie dough.

Fixin’ to use your food processor? This recipe is fun & TASTY.

Oatmeal Raisin Barsall the ingredients are easily found in your pantry!

I like to pretend these are super healthy energy bars….

Raspberry Almond Bars

Another gem! We polish these off within seconds at my house!

Hope that helps with your cookie needs. Your candy & savory gift needs will be met later this week!

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