November 18, 2011

I love lists Friday!

  1. BLACK & WHITE dreaminess! Swoontown, population ME.
  2. What I wouldn’t do for one of these Chicken Pot Pies! Don’t they look amazing?
  3. I die for these Kabocha Ravioli with Toasted Hazelnut Cream Sauce. Die!
  4. I’m such a fan of online gift guides. GIFTED sure is a beaut. Great job, Ez!
  5. We could all learn a lot from this 38 acts of kindness post. Prepare to smile big.
  6. That light. Shauna fills my heart with each and everyone of her posts. She is truly a gem.
  7. I look forward to wrapping presents (NERD ALERT) during the holidays & I’m totally inspired by this.
  8. DO WHAT YOU LOVE. These videos are beautiful/inspirational and I’m super obsessed with this blog!
  9. First there was F-Yeah! Ryan Gosling then there was Ryan Gosling Feminist. Now he’s a pancake!
  10. Truffle Hot Chocolate Balls. Kinda like a bath bomb…but for your coffee mug!
  11. Have I ever told you about my addiction I am to FAB? It’s bad. Like..really really bad.

But Wait! There’s more!

This week on High Straightenence I show you what a great pile maker I am! That’s right. Don’t believe the hype, things aren’t as perfect as they seem at my house. I’m a magnet for clutter.

Stay tuned for the new episode of the Joy the Baker Podcast. It will be out tomorrow!

Happy Weekend, friends!

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