Avocado + Charred Tortilla

avocado & charred tortilla

I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite snacks.

Avocado + Charred Corn Tortilla, meet Shutterbean Readers.

Shutterbean Readers, meet Avocado + Charred Corn Tortilla.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about this favorite snack of mine. It’s really simple, absolutely tasty and worth it when you find an awesome avocado. I think I’ve only had two really good avocados this year. What gives? Sometimes I eat this tortilla & avocado number with an egg in the morning. Sometimes it’s a full blown lunch or maybe it plays the role of an afternoon snack. The protein of the avocado works wonders!

Start with your avocado, lime & salt.

avocado & charred tortilla

Squeeze lime over half an avocado & sprinkle with kosher salt.

avocado & charred tortilla

Take a tiny fork and MASH.

avocado & charred tortilla

Tortilla goes over a burner. Don’t walk away. I always walk away.

I always burn at least one tortilla and then the smoke alarm goes off. That’s my life.

avocado & charred tortilla

FLIP and then you have this. Hello, charred tortilla! You’re about to get accessorized.

avocado & charred tortilla

Here’s a nice avocado sweater for you.

avocado & charred tortilla

Splash Splash. Now you have sparkling Tapatio earrings!

avocado & charred tortilla

Couldn’t be any simpler.

avocado & charred tortilla

Say hello to YOUR new favorite snack.

  • Pricila

    so yummy. I grew up having this as a snack but with queso fresco too, while I waited for the carne asada to be done! I recommend Valentina hot sauce instead of tapatio, it has better flavor. Mexican families are either tapatio or valentina familes.

    love this (:

  • Marci

    Yes and yes! this looks so tasty. I agree with your other commentor about some queso although we are a Tapatio family 🙂

  • Kate M.

    Yay for snacks! 🙂

  • Jessica

    This is going to be my breakfast in about .3 seconds. No, seriously. Love.

  • cindy

    you just really know how to accessorize a tortilla.
    I have only had ONE good avocado this year, what gives is right!

  • jen @ the baked life

    yep, could eat one of these right now.

  • May Casson

    Looks delicious! What sauce is that? I do not think we have it in my country.

  • Janet

    Damn, that looks good! I am so having that for a snack, ASAP!

    Totally feel you on the bad avocados. What is up!?

  • malia

    This looks delicious! I really want to try it, but I have a dumb question – what do you do with the other half of the avocado? Mine always go brown before I use the other half.

    • Tracy

      Keep the pit in the avocado. That’s key. Wrap it up and place it in the fridge. If the top layer turns a little brown scrape it off with a spoon and then dig in. The rest of the avocado is nice and green.

  • Redhead in the Kitchen

    Perfect! My go-to snack used to be a corn tortilla with some melted cheese and a splash of Valentina hot sauce, but now that I’ve given up dairy I have missed it. Problem solved.

  • Iris R.

    YES. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be avocados. I do this sort of thing all the time, but I load it up with cheese.

  • lauren

    looks delicious, and so easy! i LOVE tortillas and avocados! and hot spicy stuff… thanks tracy! you gave me another great idea for lunch tomorrow 🙂

  • Caz

    I’ve only just got in to eating avocados. I love them! My favourite snack is avocado mashed up on toast. I’m definitely going to try this now.

  • Julie @BananasForBourbon

    New favorite snack indeed! Remember that time you posted a picture of a baked sweet potato with mashed avocado on top? I think I could eat one of those everyday for the rest of forever. But this looks pretty dang tasty too. Lime + avocado + hot sauce is pure love. That’s actually what I use to make tuna salad. No mayo – bleck! Just mashed avocado and lots of lime and hot sauce. It’s delish!

  • Rachel

    Great simple snack! I’m kind of a tortilla addict myself. I used to warm them up like that all the time on the boat. Charred is so much better than microwaved!

  • Jesse

    deliciousness. i am all about the avocados lately, bring it on.

  • chelsea

    yummy! this is so my style of a simple snack. quick, easy, and delicious!

  • Katrina

    Mmmm..this sounds yummy!

  • Ashley

    Whoa, I just ate avocados with salt smooshed (not a word?) onto slightly stale crackers, with hot sauce on them…like 3 days in a row this past week. It’s awesome! I’m gonna try this charred tortilla party you have going on here for sure!

  • Foodiebia

    You should come to the Mountain View farmers market. “My” avocado guy there has the best organic avocados. Cheaper than the grocery store, too. I’ve been chowing down on good avocados for a few months straight.

  • Stefania Avalos

    This snack makes me remember my childhood. In Mexico we always have avocados, but when we finished them at home, I used to eat the charred tortilla with only lime and salt on it! It’s delish! Here in Guadalajara there’s is no Tapatio sauce, which is kind of ironic, because “tapatio” is the name given to the people of this city. But we have Valentina, it is made here in our state of Jalisco and it’s our favorite! You should try it. I loooove all your recipes, but I especially thank you for posting mexican recipes, for all of your readers to know our wonderful mexican food. I’m very proud of it! 😉

  • Koko Stanley

    YUM, LOVE this idea for a quick snack. SO EASY and beautiful pic!

  • Julia

    Yum! I love really hot sauce, and use Melinda’s XXX Habenero on almost everything. I love your blog!

  • Andrea

    I didn’t know avocados had protein!

  • Megan Gordon

    Ohhh….hello, there. I do something very similar at home, calling them Mexican pizzas. Essentially a glorified, amazing quesadilla. Also: the picture of the tortilla on the burner reminded me of my recent oven incident. When I see you, remind me to show you pictures. It was major. xox.

  • Cortnie

    This looks so GOOD. I really need to start eating more protein too so this is going to work out!

    P.s. I will totally burn at least one tortilla.


  • brandi

    add an egg or two on top, and that’s one of my favorite breakfasts. or quick lunches! it’s fun to char stuff at home 🙂

  • Lindsay @ The Live-In Kitchen

    Um, Yum! I’m always looking for more reasons/ways to eat avocados and limes. They are perfection. Thanks for the super easy idea!

  • Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    I love accessories. Of all kinds.

    About to get accessorized with avo. Sounds about perfect to me!

  • Jen

    I’ve been loving on some corn tortilla’s lately. We’ve made a big pot of pinto beans, some carnitas, and even some good ole’ smashed avocado to go on them. I can never get the tortilla as crispy as I’d like it so I’m going to blame the fact that we have an electric oven. It’s such a darn shame to go without those gas burners!

  • Emma Ruth

    yum this looks great! just wanted to let you know that i’m kinda obsessed with the podcast. it is what i look forward to every week! thanks for everything!

  • Kathy

    Tracy- you mentioned how expensive avocados are. Have you tried Monterey Market in Berkeley? Great produce with amazing prices!

  • Leah

    What an awesomely simple snack! I don’t know why I never thought of it before– but it’s got to happen this week!

  • TeriLyn [a foodie stays fit]

    I agree – Avocados haven’t been stellar this year. But I’m obsessed and even mediocre avocados are better than no avocados.

  • Sara

    Yum! This sounds like an amazing weekend snack.

    I have a question though… I’ve got an electric stove. Placing tortilla directly on an electric burner seems like a pretty bad idea. Have you got any suggestions? Perhaps the broiler?

  • Ashley

    Off to find my tiny fork – some avocados are about to meet their masher.

  • Johnny

    A little pinch of sharp smoked cheddar wouldn’t hurt!
    Looks yummy!

  • christi flaherty

    Hey Tracy.

    I know this post is a few weeks old, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since I first saw it. I bounced off this idea for a quick taco (http://cookwhatyouvegot.blogspot.com/2011/11/quick-fish-tacos-great-use-for-tuna.html). Sometimes it’s the simple things that we totally miss so thanks for blogging on this spectacularly simple snack!

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