March 18, 2016


I LOVE LISTS on Shutterbean.com

  1. Stop Thinking / Start Doing
  2. Foods that regrow without dirt!
  3. How to make an Irish coffee. Pro tips.
  4. Dreaming of Palm Springs…sigh.
  5. Why Work Life Balance is overrated. 
  6. Waffle S’mores. Can’t even deal with that.
  7. Travel Expectations vs. Reality  whoa, Brazil.
  8. Don’t leave me alone in a room with this tart.
  9. 3 Time Management Rules
  10. 40% off doesn’t mean what you think it means.
  11. I love whiskey.  and WAFFLES!
  12. There are hidden rooms in King Tut’s tomb!
  13. Stovetop Mac & Cheese for one (lovely lady)
  14. How Different People Spend $100 at the Grocery Store
  15. Engineers” who “fixed” things.
  16. People are amazed to see what designers used to do with their hands.
  17. This will make you want to go to Souvla in San Francisco
  18. Bringing this book on our anniversary trip.
  19. Dad jokes for your Friday afternoon.
  20. Saying goodbye to my Winter Capsule soon! I’m so excited for Spring.

Food from the archives for your weekend:

Things that caught my eye:

Instagram accounts that inspire me:

  • Libby

    I just started getting really excited about calligraphy on IG but I haven’t seen @kingblotto yet. I love your idea to share so much more than just article links! Very cool.

  • Jamie

    I’m fascinated by the $100 grocery comparison! The guy with a steak, bottle of wine and what – 3 other items? Wowsa.

  • Cindy

    I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, I did a major purge (using the KonMari method) so I have tons of space and everything I love is basically black. I’m okay with it.

    I really loved It Was Me All Along, it spoke to me.

    Thanks for sharing my mac and cheese, lovely lady!

  • Dhanya

    Love your lists; and definitely going to try growing those plants in water!

  • Mindy

    This is the second time in two days that I have seen a stovetop mac and cheese recipe that boiled the noodles without draining them. Why haven’t I thought of that? I’m going to try it today for lunch. If it works, I would say that it’s almost as convenient as boxed mac and cheese!

    • Tracy

      I’ve seen it so many times in the past few years and I’ve NEVER made it. Crazy, huh?

  • leslie

    Thanks for remembering that hot smoked salmon! I haven’t gotten it in sooooo long 🙂 off to TJ’s… Also, can we do those terrariums (and some dying – I have a deep smoky green teal dye just sitting here begging to be used) sooooon? xoxoxox

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