My Everyday Life: Week 7

Here’s what this past week looked like:

This license plate says MWUHAHA. I was thoroughly amused by this on my commute to work.

my everyday life: week 7

Casey attached his phone onto Cooper’s police car and the two of them drove it thru the house by watching the video feed over skype in the other room. Geeks!

my everyday life: week 7

Cooper decided the mustard would be a better facial moisturizer.

my everyday life: week 7

Cleaning up rogue leaves in the backyard.

my everyday life: week 7

Working on a post about what’s in my makeup bag. Stay tuned!

my everyday life: week 7

My new stripey skirt & my favorite number. I had good parking space juju that day.

my everyday life: week 7

Blossoms! Not usually a fan of lens flare but I’m loving this one.

my everyday life: week 7

Earl Grey Chocolate Cake. Recipe soon!

my everyday life: week 7

Post grocery shopping sunset. A study in trees.

my everyday life: week 7

Painting my nails before podcasting.

my everyday life: week 7

Mr. I DON’T EAT NOODLES somehow ate all the noodles from my pho.

my everyday life: week 7

This is the pho I speak of. I always get it with shrimp. Can’t help it.

my everyday life: week 7

Haircut! He sits still now!

my everyday life: week 7

Letter tracing. I love how he holds a pen.

my everyday life: week 7

Channeling Liz Lemon with this outfit.

my everyday life: week 7

Back on crumpets. This is my morning ritual this week. Look at my crumb pile on the floor too.

I left that in on purpose.

my everyday life: week 7

Morning hugs.

my everyday life: week 7

A sandwich BIGGER than my head.

my everyday life: week 7

Cooper can wash his hands on his own now. I love it.

my everyday life: week 7

Valentine’s Day lunch with my boo.

my everyday life: week 7

Big fluffy clouds after Valentine’s lunch.

my everyday life: week 7

A surprise card from cupid in West Oakland 😉

my everyday life: week 7

Cooper’s Valentine’s day breakfast. Thanks for the strawberry heart tutorial, Helen Jane!

my everyday life: week 7

Filling out valentines.

my everyday life: week 7

Cooper traced his name on all of his cards. The last few were SUPER messy.

my everyday life: week 7

A donut place open 24 hours.

Sometimes I daydream about setting my alarm clock for 3am and driving over. I’m serious.

my everyday life: week 7

Sunday Brunch with friends. I made them Warm Pear Raspberry Bruschetta & eggs.

my everyday life: week 7

  • Alix

    YUM……and what a fun week. I can’t believe how big the Coop has gotten. And you look cute in your Liz Lemon duds!

  • Amanda Barkey

    I heart your week. Too many similarities btw- the skirt, our kids eating bbq pop chips, strawberry hearts for v-day breakfast, kids hair cuts… seriously. were we telepathic this week? I think so. PS that morning snuggles pic of Cooper made me ‘aww’ outloud. Also- any good tutorials you know of to learn latte art, I need it in my life.

  • Aimee @ Simple Bites

    Gee thanks. I’m craving Pho now.

    (Fun week! Cooper’s so sweet. I love little boys. Especially when they can wash their own hands.)

  • heather @ chiknpastry

    2 things:

    1 – I can’t wait for the earl grey cake to surface. i heart earl grey and chocolate and duh, cake. YUM.

    2 – I need that grey bag you have. I have seriously looked for a large-ish grey bag for YEARS and settled for one that is utterly horrible right about now. I hate it. So I want your bag.

  • Ina

    Beautiful pictures! I envy your route to work.

  • Kristen

    8 – it’s where it’s at! And I love a good Pho facial. Nothing beats that steam!

  • Christina

    Ooo, I can’t wait to see your makeup bag post. I have a feeling your system is a little more sophisticated than mine, but ziploc baggies have recently saved my life in so many ways. P.S. I love that picture of Cooper and Casey hugging, so sweet!

  • vera

    i always get shrimp in my pho! waaaaay better.

  • judy

    hi-five cooper… lefty’s rule (and so do the way they grip their pens)

    • Tracy

      I suppose they do! He gets pen all over his hands and what he writes, it smudges. I’m gonna have to get used to that!

  • Julie

    You lead an amazing life and Cooper is adorable!

  • Lori from a family's life

    I can’t wait for your earl grey cake recipe!!

    We had a very similar week, my three year old also had a hair cut, valentines was a lunch, and letters were traced!!

    Hope your next week is fun too!

  • Darcee

    I am absolutely loving all the blossoms around the area the last week or so. So pretty.

    Is that “big as your head” sandwich up there from Bonne Sante in Burlingame? It looks just like theirs. I took the kids there once, I swear, the sandwiches WERE bigger than our heads!!!

    • Tracy

      We went to the cheese shop in palo alto. It’s in the town & country shopping center. It’s really really good! You should try it if you can!

      • Darcee

        Checked out their menu, looks great!! Love the vegetarian options. I’ll have to check it out next time I’m down that way. Thanks!!

  • Cecilia

    Please, please tell me where your Valentine’s day lunch was… that unagi + rice looks amazing!

  • Tiffanie

    Beautiful post with beautiful photos! I, too, am looking forward to the Earl Gray Chocolate Cake. I had some Earl Grey panna cotta in Point Reyes Station over my birthday weekend, and it was unforgettable. 🙂

  • Fabiola

    I love te brunch spread, looks so pretty.

  • Evelyn

    Dear Tracy, love, love your website! I live in Germany (hometown San Diego) but San Francisco is my favorite city… Thanks for sharing. By the way, all of your recipes are
    wonderful. I have made so many of them and always look forward to your posts!

  • Katrina

    That cake and those waffles look fabulous! Also, loooove the phone on the car!! hahaha

  • Val

    That is such a cute “Liz Lemon” inspired outfit that you are rockin’!I’m swooning over your gray bag!

  • Sara {Home is Where the Cookies Are}

    I LOVE that they drove the car with the phone/skype combo. Ultra creative!!!

  • Lindsay @ The Live-In Kitchen

    Lefty! My daughter is a lefty too. Why does it feel like a disability?! Maybe just because we’re a musical family and instruments are built for rightys. I bet the 3am donuts are the best, you’d better find out.

  • Lisa

    Hi Tracy! Do you ever make your own pho? Have been searching for a good recipe…

  • cindy

    I have a special place in my heart for geeks…and make-up + bags.
    Also, 3am is worth it for warm doughnuts, I learned this from my mother. She is wise that way.

  • Helen Jane

    Yay for Valentine’s hearts!
    And I walk down that same sidewalk on MY way to work and have seen that car many a time, soon I’ll see YOU!

  • Hannah

    Tracy I love your blog and podcasts! I am excited to see the Earl Grey cake recipe. I have had a brownie with Earl Gray ganache and it changed my life so I am looking forward to trying your take on the infusion.

  • Jessica Ann

    Cooper is a lefty?! Is he the only one in your family? I am the only one in my immediate family, and have one uncle and one cousin who are. He looks like a small man now and not like a baby any more!
    (Can’t wait for the makeup bag straightening post. Although first I will have to bring my makeup from all over the house/different handbags together into one place.)

  • Tort[e]s

    I love your Liz Lemon outfit! Also, the morning hugs photo is adorable.

  • Kara

    I love the iphone attached to the toy car! We did the exact same thing at work one day. Except we used facetime instead of skype on one of our ipads. Our manager certainly got a kick out of it.

  • Amanda M

    Can’t wait for the makeup bag post! I LOVE seeing what other people use! 🙂 Also, not a fan of personalized licence plates generally, BUT one that says MUAHAHA is amazing! Thanks for sharing that, lol!

  • Lucia

    Driving in the middle of the night looking for doughnuts sounds crazy and gorgeous enough to be done 😉 Love those clouds, those trees, and that blossom.

  • ileana

    Lovely post. Do you watch Parks and Rec? That second picture reminds me of DJ Rumba. 🙂

  • Rebecca

    Which Japanese restaurant is that one?

  • Jessica Craig

    That was the best brunch, thank you for letting me be a part of your week. LOVEWE!

  • Michelle

    I am sooooo excited for you to post the Chocolate Earl Grey cake recipe!

  • Leslie

    Ah! I love Pho Soup!! It’s become a Saturday tradition. I have a three year old girl who isn’t crazy over veggies, but she eats ’em all in the soup!! It’s all in the pho. 🙂

  • Katie

    Love the license plate made me laugh. Enjoyed checking out your blog, fun to see shots of the Bay Area. I lived out there for 8 years and loved it. Still crave Bakesale Betty all the time. My husband and I just moved to Auckland, New Zealand so I’ll have to find a copycat recipe until the next time I’m out that way.

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