September 7, 2012

I love lists, Friday!

  1. How good does this ice cream look? Deep breath.
  2. How to Get the Right Kind of Feedback.  Such good advice for any field.
  3. Pickling carrots is on my TO DO list.
  4. I appreciate how Bri breaks down social media avenues. Knowledge! YAY.
  5. A whole lot of good going on here. Plus Tzatziki!
  6. I find this card to be hilarious. I’m sure my husband would agree.
  7. I have to get myself to Target to see the Curiosity Shoppe stuff. Look at this project!
  8. You know the bathroom that I want to live in? This is how it was styled. Also! FERNS!
  9. I love Danielle’s story about transitioning from a high school teacher to a mom.
  10. Alright. It’s settled. I’m gonna make something with tomatillos.
  11. I’m way into this outfit! Love the fall inspiration too. Black + White Forever!
  12. This video is stunning. What a beautiful Summer evening with good food.
  13. I’m happy to report that I already make a lot of these choices. Portion control? What’s that?
  14. This song/video never gets old.
  15. Oh boy. If you like BLTs, prepare to drool. For reals.


DUDE, Where’s my Podcast??! Check out an all new Joy the Baker podcast. It’s up!

Dude, where’s my High Straightenence post? I’m taking a small break. Be back next week!


My Bite Around the Net:

Stefanie from Sarcastic Cooking adapted my Freezer Breakfast Burritos. She made them with pitas!

Clara from Channeling Contessa made my Tuscan Kale & Pecorino Salad.

Ashley from Hudson on the Potomac made my Salt & Vinegar Potato Salad.

Marybeth from Cupcakes & Crinoline made my Freezer Burritos.


  • Colleen

    I need those Curiosity Shoppe mugs (and probably the plates, too!) in my life. Thank you for bringing us together.

  • Sandi

    Always the best links! 🙂

  • Danica Evans

    I was all prepared to comment something along the lines of a whining…. [Tracy… I miss your podcast… come on….] and BAM. It’s happening today. Yes! Also, I love your lists. Also, you’re my favorite. Also, do the tomatillo thing. 🙂

  • belmontmedina

    Tomatillos are awesome, and making salsa is SOOOO easy- you barely need a recipe. Husk them, wash off the sticky goo, halve them, and put them on a cookie sheet or in a pyrex dish with peppers and onion and tomato if you want. Bake/broil until soft, then blitz in a food processor and add salt and acid (i like lime juice, apple cider vinegar is good too) to taste. The end!

  • perber

    i love the BLT sandwich family.. soo adorable! And that is one of my favorite sandwiches. I would love to see your fam dress up like that.. Halloween is right around the corner!

  • Ashley @ Hudson on the Potomac

    Thanks so much for the Salt and Vinegar Potato Salad recipe!!! It was a HUGE hit with my family!!!

  • The Cuisinerd

    Like I need ANOTHER reason to go to target?! I’ve sworn myself off for a week so I don’t try to smuggle more Warhol soup cans home….but now I have a whole new temptation!! Bahhh!

    (PS thank you for the tzatziki love!)

    • Tracy

      The good part about that…is that my Target is kinda far away now. I would have cleaned them out if I lived in my old place! AHHHH!

  • Nicole

    Just got super emotional in my cubicle watching that gorgeous video. Is it time to go home yet?

  • Betty

    Love the bidet card…I think I will give that to my hubby this year. Also…love the eating well tips. Another excuse for me to eat my sweet potato fries!

  • Megan Gordon

    You are too kind, my friend. Thank you for the mention. And how good does that salsa look? Dude. Hope all is well there and you’re enjoying the beginning of Sept (gasp!) Hope you’ll be around for thanksgiving? Because I’ll be JUST UP THE STREET!!! xxoo

  • Becky

    Damn you, Tracy. Why did you have to show me that stuff at Target?

  • Andria Sheridan

    Okay the tomatillo salsa will be your new favorite thing I predict, easy peasy and sooo delious. Plus you cannot feel too bad about eating it because it is all fresh stuff. Lime is the secret I think.

    And also, love the outfit choice, classic!

  • distractedgirl

    Ah! Kings of Convenience, the perfect band for easy weekend listening, and from my mothercountry as well 🙂 thanks for the reminder! They are going back on my playlist as of right now.

  • hellywelly

    love that kings video, too!

    going to have to try those BLTs. my sandwich of choice while pregnant 😉

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