Pear Goat Cheese Bites

Pear & Goat Cheese Bites // shutterbean

When I started this Thursday Snack (Attack!) series, I didn’t realize how many snacks I like to eat could be served as appetizers. Take this Pear Goat cheese situation for example. A dollop of creamy goat cheese goes on top of a pear slice and gets bejeweled with dried cherries (cranberries are great too!) and roasted/ salted pistachios. This snack could be a great app for your upcoming holiday extravaganza! I also recommend Greek Salad Bites, Caprese Bites, Spicy Salmon Sushi Bites, Avocado Sushi Bites, and how about making your own Savory Snack Mix??  I love how a few simple ingredients can make such an impact.

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