October 5, 2012

I love lists, Friday!

  1. I wish I could swim in this. With chips!
  2. I cannot wrap my brain around this. I want it sooooo bad.
  3. Rachel is a true inspiration! She has a gift for decorating. Look at her kids’ room!
  4. If only I could have read this when I was young.
  5. A creative space IT IS. I love the framed lady on the wall.
  6. Danielle! I love LOVE LOVE  your new look!
  7. Been there. Done that.
  8. I wish someone recorded me post-wisdom teeth removal. NOT. HAHA.
  9. Words of Inspiration.
  10. You had me at pumpkin.
  11. WANTED. This table.
  12. AHHH Arrested Development. I CAN’T WAIT.
  13. Caramel Apple Grilled Cheese? YES PLEASE. That rhymes.
  14. For those of you with a blog. *snort* This is pretty good too.
  15. I want to be Mrs. Dark & Stormy this year for Halloween. I’m gonna get started on that.
  16. Make it a Good One. AMEN.
  17. 25 DIY Anthro Inspired Knockoffs. Let’s get our craft on, ladies!
  18. Oh dear. I loved this soo much. I’m gonna try to be in more pictures.


There’s a new Joy the Baker Podcast this week. Marry that Doughnut. We talk about Fall Bucket Lists & Spotted Dick (too much). For those of you that are listening, this is the bag that I have my eye on. Sigh…

A few thoughts on ASKING FOR HELP. I never do it, and I should.


My Bites Around the Net:

 Megan from Take a Megabite made my Pumpkin Pecan Doughnuts. They’re MINI!

Becky from Scouting for Architecture adapted my Pumpkin Pecan Doughnuts too!

Erica from Make Great veganized my Pumpkin Pecan Doughnuts. Woot woot!

Martine of Nourish & Preserve adapted my Curry Chicken with Coconut Rice with Tofu & Quinoa.

This lovely lady from 529 Scout made my Killer Granola. You have good taste in food!

  • Mal @ The Chic Geek

    I love that pumpkin pic! So very fall.

    Great roundup list 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • cindy

    cheese hot tub!
    “well, you’re the mom. you know best…” HAHAH!
    George Michael, Buster, and Tobias’ faces are killing me!

  • Stephanie

    I love this list. LOVE. So inspired with recipe ideas and — I just sent that (hilarious!) Arrested Development photo to my maj. Also: that purse is abfab.

  • cheryl

    I heart you.

    And that’s all she wrote.

  • Maria

    You are the bestest of the best! Thanks for including our pumpkin cookies! Wish I could bring you a plate! xo

  • Celeste

    Tracy I look forward to your I Love Lists Friday, every week! You always include something inspirational, fun, and creative. Your list is one of my absolute favorite things.

    Have you ever thought about doing an Oprah-esque “Favorite Things” list???

  • Sara Consolati

    LOVE the ASKING FOR HELP reminder. So much truth. You always have great timing Tracy! 🙂

  • Lisa | With Style and Grace

    I always look forward to your lists, they make me so happy.

  • Dona Gomez

    GET THAT BAG STAT! I love that it converts to a backpack, something I know I should get to save my elbow from all the crap I lug around, but this is actually cute. YOLO!

  • Katie @ Blonde Ambition

    I loved many of the same things as you this week! Mostly the food-related items, hehe.

    That F Word article was so touching and well done!

  • jenny

    just stop with the crazy delicious pull-apart bread already.

    also, I’m not a mom yet, but that huffington post piece made me cry. (now if only I’d had some of that bread to cry into…)

  • Jessie

    That article about getting in the pictures made me cry. I was just telling people not to look at me in my babies 6 month photos cause I was looking rough. However, I can see that in every single photo that my love for her can’t be hidden and I hope she will be able to see it in the future.

    Also, thank so much for the Cooper birthday article is was so lovely!

  • Tara

    Thank you Tracy for taking the time to write your lists. I love them! Love the Arrested Development picture! And the article brought tears to my eyes.

  • Tara

    Whoops – I meant the article about Mamas being in pictures brought tears to my eyes. I guess that’s what I get for writing this at midnight.

  • Roxy

    The bag is luscious! The list is amaze balls as usual.

  • I'm Pam

    Happy weekend to you! And the buffalo chicken pull part bread is freaking insane. Oh I want some.

    • Hannah

      I made that bread this afternoon… Delish does not begin to describe it! My husband loved it, my waistline will not so much!

  • Little Big / Carrie Anne

    Just wanted to pop in and say I love these lists. Look forward to them every week.

  • Mary

    I’ve been following your blog (and don’t forget the podcasts on Homefries) and just wanted to tell you how much I look forward to these posts. like “run-home-to-check” excited. Thanks 😀

  • Hannah

    The Etsy bag is gorgeous…you should have it, you deserve it!

  • Abby@ Totes Delish

    LOVE the link to the page about blogs, so true!

  • Bev @ Bev Cooks

    Thaaaaank ya so much for including me in your round up! And I’m dying over the whole list. Ugh.

  • Becky

    Thanks for the share Tracy! Looking forward to a fun podcast to make the workday fly by tomorrow.

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