June 8, 2012

I love lists, Friday!

  1. I’d love a Dirty Dancing movie night! Bring the watermelon!
  2. Be online…but be offline too. Thanks for the reminder, Tsh.
  3. The PRETTIEST baby shower I ever did see.
  4. How to make a Cake Banner.  Adorable!
  5. Strawberry RUMSHAKE! Uh huh.
  6. I want a desk like this. What a cool idea.
  7. Awesome Audience Guy Remixes. Silly/Ridiculous/Giggle inducing.
  8. LEGIT Maple Bacon Mini Donuts. Can we submit these to my future eating contest?
  9. This cucumber salad looks so simple & refreshing. Gonna make it.
  10. Mini zucchini blossom quiches. Almost too pretty to eat!
  11. Megan has inspired me to make my own yogurt. It’s happening soon!
  12. These DIY Instagram coasters are CYOOOOT.
  13. Casey sent me this link. I’m glad we’re on the same page about these shoes.
  14. Speaking of relationships. OMG. This is hilarious.
  15. Just watch these dude’s faces. That’s the power of Pine-Sol, baby!

On the Joy the Baker podcast this week we do a little Summer Bucket List followup, I talk about my emotional haircut & we answer some good questions!

On this week’s High Straightenence I give you Part 2 of my Packing Tips & Tricks.


Megan at the Kitchn adapted my Blackberry Lemon Goat Cheese Squares!

Little Bite’s version of my Brussels Sprout Pizza!

Both MollyKelsey  made my Caramel Croutons!

Thank  you ladies. I’m so glad you like the recipes!

  • Julie

    That Pine Sol video was hilarious. You made my Friday, and that of my co-workers!

  • Meister, Running While Smiling

    So funny that you would mention “Dirty Dancing” — despite the fact that I’ve never seen that movie, I just spent a week at the Virginia mountain lodge where it was filmed! (Also: I was there for professional coffee camp. No, really. It was awesome.)

    “I carried a watermelon.”

  • Meister, Running While Smiling

    ALSO ALSO: That Pin-Sol video just had me in stitches. Amazing!

  • Vanessa

    I sooo LOL about those creepy-toe shoes! Thanks for the laugh!

  • Becky

    Thanks for the linkage, babe! Have an awesome weekend in Seattle!! xo Becky

  • Amy

    I’ve been obsessed with that tape desk all week and today I’m going to Target to get the tape to do it! Cannot wait!

    Also, I listened to the podcast this week, and can I just tell you that you’re my hero for standing up to your hairdresser? I have had a similar experience and I’ve never been brave enough to say anything and stand up for myself. I love that you were.

    Enjoy BlogHer food, Tracy!

  • jackie @ marin mama cooks

    I always love these lists! I have a quick question. Do you use Photoshop, photo bucket or something else with your photos? I love how you put the words into your photos and I love the fonts!


  • Nicole

    The last three links kept getting more and more funny! The Oatmeal link was great and then the last part about “so many of your have requested Jesus Wookiee…” haha!

  • laura k

    I’ve been talking about a Dirty Dancing movie night for ages. “I carried a watermelon.”

  • Melanie

    Oh my word, the creepy toe shoes! There was a dude wearing those shoes AT A WEDDING I attended a couple weeks ago. I was horrified!! Especially when the father of the bride took it upon himself to introduce me to all the single men there….when I was introduced to this particular fella he just stared at his creepy-toe-shoe-clad feet like he’d never met a girl before in his life. So awkward!

  • Dona

    Tracy, you did me wrong with the pinesole post. Not good to watch on the Caltrain. I was laughing so hard, I had to explain when I looked up and the people across from me were staring…Oh my word, and I thought the oatmeal post was too funny.

  • Elizabeth

    I absolutely love that desk!

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