June 12, 2014

Watermelon + Lime

Watermelon + Lime // shutterbean

CONFESSION TIME!! I didn’t really like watermelon until a couple of years ago. I mean…I loooooved watermelon Jolly Ranchers but that’s about it. Crazy, right?  All it took was this salad to change my mind about watermelon and then this one sold me for life. So…how do YOU like your watermelon? I love squeezing mine a little bit of fresh lime juice on top.  Some people love putting salt or chili powder on theirs (both good calls!). But for me, watermelon and lime is absolute perfection. I like the tang the lime brings to the party. It’s especially delicious when the watermelon is super cold on a hot summer day. Picture perfect emoji + watermelon emoji + lime emoji + twinkling star emoji + heart emoji.

  • Stacey

    My boyfriend actually puts salt on it to make it sweeter! I just like it super cold, sometimes with a simple salad of frozen mixed berries mmmmmm!
    There are a couple of recipes floating around for pickled watermelon rind as well, which I’d love to try!


  • Bri | Bites of Bri

    I like mine with feta and balsamic or in fruit salad, margaritas, or plain! Basically, I like it anyway I can get it as long as it is sweet.

  • corrin

    Have you tried Tajin? It’s the perfect lime/chili combo for watermelon.

  • Maryea {happy healthy mama}

    Plain watermelon is pretty awesome, but I also love adding lime to the mix.

  • Sara

    I like it plain! But I also love it in a salad with mint.

  • Allyn

    I love it sprinkled with mint/lime zest sugar. YUM.

  • Kate Shu

    Haha your emojis!

  • Ani

    I’m Armenian and we love our watermelon with some sliced feta cheese! So delish and the perfect combo or sweet and salty!

  • dena @ohyoucook

    Try sprinkling shredded coconut over your watermelon-lime slice … simple yet heavenly! Bite-sized portions were pass-arounds at my daughter’s wedding.

  • tara

    Yum! I love watermelon just about any way, but it’s SO good with lime!

  • alyssa

    I’m SOOOOO picky about watermelon. If they’re mealy, I can’t handle it. They have to be cold and super crunchy. Then I’ll devour some watermelon.

  • Diane

    Thanks Tracy, this looks so good and I am looking for a salad to take to a potluck. I think this will be perfect.

  • Gina @ So Let's Hang Out

    Did you know that you can turn those watermelon Jolly Ranchers into hairspray? Apparently they do that in prison. Just something I learned from Teen Mom. No biggie.

  • Samantha Biobabbler

    (wow, learning so much from your commenters!!)
    I just love it COLD. And I’m cool with the seeds: just sit out back & spit those puppies as far as possible. When I was a kid, we cousins had a watermelon seed spitting contest that resulted in a FREE WATERMELON PATCH for my uncle. HE was psyched. =)

    In my younger (more drinky) days, a vodka infusion into a giant watermelon (& refrigerated for hours) can be MOST delightful crowd food. =) Party on!


  • Cindy

    I didn’t like watermelon as a kid, at all…because of the sometimes mealy business that happens. I love it with mint!

  • Goreti Tada

    We love watermelon with kosher salt, lime and some chili powder (cayenne). Tastes spicy and so refreshing. Also, try the salt,lime, chili powder on cucumbers, jicama and mango.

  • Millie l Add A Little

    Same here!! Totally despised the watery watermelon till a few years ago – now I’m obsessed. It just screams summer to me!!

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