March 23, 2012

I love lists, Friday!

  1. Bubble Top Brioches, be still my heart!
  2. I’m totally obsessed with this song. The acoustic version is way better. Except when his voice cracks.
  3. An important, well written post on Accepting Feminism. Go, Rebecca GO!
  4. The raddest coffee shop. I totally agree.
  5. I could eat a whole stack of these sweet & salty bars or maybe these ones…
  6. I love really good pattern play.
  7. A word on travel. It’s about letting go & enjoying the process of discovering something new when you’re traveling.
  8. When life gives you lemons, you clean your kitchen with them! (love this, Becky!)
  9. Pretty excited about the COOKIE CRAVINGS E-Book! Cookies are my weakness.
  10. Is it bad that I really really like all of these hipster brands?
  11. Thank you Sam for sharing your Casselberry Biscuit recipe with the rest of the world! (these are SO GOOD, people!)
  12. I love love LOVE Nicole’s new style feature. She has such great taste.
  13. The first rule of pricing- MAKE NO ASSUMPTIONS! Such good advice.
  14. How to Find True Freedom with Food. I thought of this while I was stuffing coconut shreds into my mouth today.

This week on High Straightenence, I get started on organizing my Kitchen drawers!

Would You Rather? Or would you prefer? Check out the new Joy the Baker podcast. We play the would you rather game!

Did you get to check out Joy’s first Book Tour video?? Remember when I was at the French Laundry a few weeks ago? This is why!

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