May 3, 2019


 I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. These hotels/airports are living in the future
  2. I’ve never had this cookie at Trader Joe’s before!
  3. This house gives me an anxiety attack. 
  4. This professor has come up with a master list of slang terms from students. 
  5. Instagram is taking away likes.
  6. Wow. just Wow.
  7. I love seeing a glimpse of my friend Kelly’s home.
  8. We have to protect our teens.
  9. Doesn’t this curry dish look delish?
  10. I’d like to go to Maine one day.
  11. It’s my dream to have an emerald.
  12. How to be decisive.
  13. Get in my mouth, savory baklava.   Also THIS
  14. What I would love to wear on my 40th birthday.
  15. How to ensure your overseas trip is as safe as possible. 
  16. The weirdest stuff to come out of Silicon Valley right now.
  17. If you are in an abusive relationship and want to get out, this woman shows the way.
  18. How you’re making your kitchen hard to keep clean.
  19. Photos to get lost in – National Geographic 2019 Photo Contest
  20. If you need some snack ideas look here! 
  21. How about putting some everyday waffles into your weekend plans?



My very talented/creative friend Sabrina Ward Harrison announced her new e-course that will help you make the book you most want to find!  It’s called LIBERATE!  I’m hoping it helps me liberate that book(s) I have in me.

There’s ONE spot left in my Food Styling + Food Photography workshop this month in Santa Fe!

Come get yourself a FOOD Journal or a MAKE MAGIC sticker here!

  • rosemarie

    That dunker was the first thing I had from TJ’s many, many years ago! They are so much better than the chocolate chip ones, for whatever reason.

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