My Everyday Life: Week 44

Here’s what this past week looked like:

Pumpkin carving! I did all the work….

Cooper wanted happy & sad pumpkins. The sad one is his.

And seriously….Can we just take a moment to look at how big he is.

Night time pumpkins!

Night time pumpkin seed roasting.

Just a moment in my office. I love that the trees are behind me.

Warming up the car on a sunny Autumn morning.

Making some ribs & roasting squash.

Eating Haloween candy when I don’t even like candy. Oof.

Reward for waking up so early.

I love this tree.

OOH AAH. Cooper watches a little TV while I run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

Weekday mornings are like this.

This is our family room BTW. This is my view from the kitchen.

We were able to Facetime with my brother who lives in NYC. Thank heavens for technology.

Especially since Sandy!

We have entered the phase where Cooper doesn’t want me to take pictures of him…

My oldest brother went through this phase for DECADES.

Nicole! I tried the egg salad from Trader Joe’s.  I think we can make it better. I know we can!

The morning I gave him oatmeal that had apples in it…. Not pleased.

Did a little shopping this week…My brain always picks out the Black & White/striped things in stores.

Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

My brain also recognizes the problem with GAP and their lint/dust bunny situation.

Going for a walk on my lunch break.

I’m giving you the bird.

Something about this scene reminded me of Boardwalk Empire (we love that show!).

Also what is this guy doing?

I like a little tomato soup with my cheese.

Oh! Halloween! This is what it looked like. Cooper ran around like crazy.

He was a blur. It also rained like crazy that night. So he didn’t get a full bag of candy…which is totally fine 😉

He went out with his buddy, Henry!

We did a little practicing before we left. Hehe.

There were a lot of cool houses!

That’s my little boy up there.

TRICK OR TREAT!!!!! He would comment on the people’s houses while he was there.



Then the lady put her lights on inside…


  • Diane

    I want to know what was going on when she turned her lights on inside!

  • Amy

    That window seat situation in your house is amazing. Jealous. And those stripes make my heart happy. Speaking of Gap, my mom works for Gap Corporate and just gave me a literal ton of Friends and Family coupons. Email me your address if you want one! I’m trying to get rid of the 10+ I won’t use 🙂

    • Tracy

      Awesome! My friend who works there always sends me the discounts. I love it. But sometimes I find that when I get those discounts, there are never good items in the stores at the time…and then that pisses me off like they know their stock is gonna be crappy. I am totally reading into this too much.

      I need to read more on those window seats. I just never think to!

  • Christine

    so fun peeking in on your week! i love that set up in your familyroom/tvroom situation. window seats!

    also, what kind of camera/lense do you use?

  • Barbara

    My son wont let me take pictures of him either. It makes me sad.

    • Tracy

      Does that mean we have to figure out how to be super stealthy? Maybe we should come up with some silly words that will get them to smile…

    • Elle

      My son is going on 15 and still refuses me!! This has been going on for years 🙁
      Sometimes if I ask nice enough he’ll go for it lol

  • Theresa

    I was going to say before I even read your caption how big cooper looks! Wow! I am the same way with candy. My son is all over it. Not me(as I reach in the jar for more candy). I’m more of a baked goods kinda gal, unless dark chocolate is involved. Then it’s over!


  • jenny

    the facetime photo is darling–love is just shining through cooper’s face! also, speaking of black and white, I thought of you when I stopped by madewell the other day. they have a darling b&w striped top with a keyhole neckline (little hole in the back with a bow at the top). it was a bit pricey for a basic shirt, I thought, but it definitely had “tracy” written all over it!

    here it is:

  • Elise

    I always love these posts. I am the same way when I shop: I always reach for black and white first. I have tunnel vision when it comes to that combination…

    • Tracy

      Tunnel vision. ALWAYS. And then I kick myself for buying the same things and then I just say well…all B & W stripes are different…At least I know what I like!

  • misschels

    Tracy, I was totally in love with that egg white salad at Trader Joes and I definitely am working on a spicy version at home!

  • MaryBeth

    You have a seriously cute kid! And your change room looks pretty much like mine when I go out shopping, stripe power! 🙂

  • Carly

    I ALWAYS notice the dust bunnies at the Gap. Ick.

  • Monica

    I feel safer knowing batman and superman are on duty!!! Looks like a fun filled week. 🙂

  • Victoria

    Okay, so what is it with Gap dressing rooms? A dirty dressing room ruins things quick and Gap rarely passes inspection in my book.,

    Love that bird! Thanks for including it.

    Sorry about the no pictures phase. Way to make him deal.

  • Lia

    I can’t stop wondering what that guy is doing?! Why?!!

  • Clara

    Adorable! I love these weekly pics Tracy. Cooper definitely looks older, and yes, OMG, the dust bunnies in Gap stores! They’re literally in every store I’ve been to.

  • Mary

    Please please tell me you bought that first shirt with the knot. Sooo cute!

  • Jennifer

    I gave my 3yr old son oatmeal with apples in it, I got the same look along with some gagging noises. Halloween for us isn’t until tomorrow (we’re in NJ),, I hope Cooper still had fun!

  • Lisa

    Do you have a recipe for pumpkin seeds?? I saved mine and can’t seem to find a good/simple recipe to toast/season them.
    Much appreciated!

  • Katie @ Blonde Ambition

    Beautiful photos as always!

    And don’t worry about the oatmeal with apples. I hated warm/cooked fruit all my life, but at age 24 I’m finally starting to warm up to it 😉

  • Tiffany

    I hate seeing dust bunnies in fitting rooms! Totally grosses me out!

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