Out to Eat: Sitka & Spruce

I’m starting a new series called OUT TO EAT. I’ll be showing you some of my favorite places to eat locally & when I’m traveling. Earlier this month I had a chance to sneak away for an incredible lunch at Sitka & Spruce with my friends Sarah Henry & Marisa from Food in Jars while I was up in Seattle for Blogher. I’ve been seeing this place pop up on a few of my favorite blogs and it was time I check it out myself. I’m so glad we did!

This was right behind me. It took a LOT of restraint not to get into that bread stash.

Pretty windows flooding the place with light.

Beautiful cups & bottles.

iced tea!

bread with soft butter & maldon flake salt  {doesn’t get any better than this}

heirloom lettuce salad with anchovies & toasted pine nuts  {light, simple, beautiful!}

kale & emmer salad with mint & nuts  {i could eat my weight in this!}

chickpea puree with harissa oil, lentil crackers & lime   {incredible!}

smoked trout with creme fraiche, lentils & pickled onions    {tasty!}

We did some damage.

Salted caramels with the check. What a nice touch!

Here’s their pantry where you can buy goodies. If we had more time I would have bought a bunch of stuff.


1531 Melrose Ave.

Seattle, WA 98122



  • emmycooks

    I love that place. And I can never leave without some little goody from the pantry/store to take home. So glad you had the chance to check it out when you were in Seattle!

  • Ana Cooks

    Why is Portugal so far away from this place? 🙂

  • Jane M

    It’s only 7am in NJ and MY.MOUTH.IS.WATERING.! Looks like a great restaurant.

  • Mrs. Zoom

    Yay!!! I am a Seattle girl who lives in Raleigh and this makes me so happy. I’ve lived away from Seattle for a couple of years now, so I’ll be bookmarking these posts for my trips home! I’ve got one coming up in August and I’m definitely going to take my sister here.

  • ileana

    Yum! I like this new series, except I’m so far from Seattle. 😉

  • Chelsea

    Oh this is so my kind of place! Love the new series! I’ve been trying to think of a way to start collecting all of my bajillions of photos from eating out for blog posts. This is sweet and simple.

  • Megan

    These photos are beautiful! And the food looks tasty. Love this new feature.

  • Rhiana

    Stunning photos!! I love this “out to eat” idea

  • Bev @ Bev Cooks

    We ate there as well and I fainted 13 times. 15.

  • Kayla

    What great idea for a new series! Looks delicious.. can’t wait to see where you eat out next!

  • Molly

    Tracy! I am SO excited about this new series, I love reading about and seeing pictures of your meals out! I’m really looking forward to reading about new restaurants in the Bay Area. Thank you!

  • val

    This is just the perfect kind of place–it was a highlight of my trip to Seattle.

  • IdaBaker

    The next time I’m in Seattle, I’ll make sure it’s on my list. From the looks of the photos, the food was delish!!

  • JenMarie

    Ooh! I love this post. The restaurant looks lovely. I really like how it’s all open and you can see all their little prep bowls. Very warm and fun!

  • adrienne

    Now I’m really upset we didn’t make it here when we were in Seattle! Next time for sure!

  • Lia

    You had me at ‘bread with soft butter & maldon flake salt’.
    Oh my!

  • Val

    I’ve been wanting to go there. So many great places in Seattle to eat! Lovely photos. That kale salad looks awesome but I have no idea what emmer is… will have to look that up!

  • Elizabeth

    This is my favorite restaurant in my home city. This year, around my birthday, I went there on a Saturday night. And decided to go again two nights later for their Monday night taco night. So yummy. And so beautiful. Nice choice.

  • Holly

    This new series will be great for me and my daughter. I live in Southern CA, and when we come up to visit my daughter in Berkeley, there’s always a question about where to go out to eat in San Fran. Looking forward to your next post.

  • GreenDavis

    Hooray! We are moving to the Bay Area (next week!) and I look forward to gaining 5 lbs. with all the new culinary delights. Tell me where to go first…

  • sarah henry

    Oh, to take such lovely happy snaps as you, Ms. Shutterbean. So happy to have had that spontaneous lunch with you and Marisa, a delightful experience on all counts — food, location, and mighty fine company. Have been meaning to write to say as much and now you’ve given me a jolly good excuse to do so. Love the concept of your new column too.

  • Lindsay Nicole

    I’m excited for another place to try next time we’re down in Seattle! I always love Delancey and last time we tried Local 360 in Belltown which I highly recommend. Thanks for sharing!

  • Katelyn

    What a good idea for a series of posts… what cities/places are on your wish list? Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • Uncle Beefy

    This is a top fave in the city, Tracy! So, I’m glad you enjoyed it so much. Not a lot not to love though, huh? The Walrus & the Carpenter is my current *fave* so be sure to check that out the next time you grace our fair city. Happy weekend!

  • Leah

    Bread + Butter = Heaven. Mmm!

    Love this new feature. Even though I live in Canada, and will probably never get to these places, I love reading about different restaurants and the food they serve!

  • Mandy

    Love this idea! Can’t wait to see where you go next.

  • Jessica @ How Sweet

    went there as well and OMG… not only do i want to live inside, but it was UNREAL.

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