My Everyday Life: Week 7

Here’s what this past week looked like:

Valentine’s Day! We made homemade cards. It was super last minute, but with a little creativity, it worked out!

I stapled index cards together and Cooper decorated them.

Cooper got a special breakfast for Valentine’s day.

Casey got a special dinner for Valentine’s Day.

Fresh rolls. At his request.

And dessert. Vanilla ice cream with spicy caramel sauce. Mine had bananas mixed in.

I’m obsessed with the condition of this plant we have. I check on it everyday.

It belongs to my mom. We’ve had it in the family since I was a little kid.

Saturday morning…EARLY.

Almost a week ago we were in Carmel…

Smoothie in the sun.

Old architecture.

Deer watching & grilled cheese bread with honey.

More cheese bread…with avocado. Recipe soon!

This delicious drink is on its way to you.

Morning giggles.

A necklace from my mother-in-law. It’s from her favorite jewelry shop.

Sunny sunny California morning. Cooper calls dew- DUNE.

This house intrigues me. So does that wall.

I made the Life Changing Loaf! It’s really good. Chewy/nutty/kinda dense.

If you can imagine wild rice (there’s none in it) and oatmeal baked together, that’s what it tastes like.

But with nuts!

A snippet of my dining room.

Today we’re growing stuff in water. It’s been exciting.


  • Tami - Teacher Goes Back To School

    for the love of god, that necklace is to die for adorable.

    i also LOVE those index card valentines. such a great craft idea.

    this is my first time commenting here although i listen to the podcast every week. i just had to tell you how adorable your valentine’s day stuff was.

  • Caley Hirsch

    What the heck are you growing in there – rainbows and unicorns? Looks like a fun Saturday science experiment! Oh, and Henry loved his index card valentine.

  • Jenn

    I just spent the last 35 minutes browsing JoJo Loves You because your necklace is so perfect.

  • jenny

    so excited for cheese bread! bring it!

  • Julie J

    I bought everything I needed today to make the Life Changing Bread. Looking forward to it … but I don’t have a silicone bread pan. Did you use one … and do you thing it’s necessary? Love to know what you think. Thanks Tracy! Oh … and I love the necklace, lucky girl!

  • Hilary

    My Mom had this one plant since I was born and once I left for college, the poor thing died. I think it missed my presence. 🙂

    Can’t wait for this week’s recipes! I’m definitely curious what you guys were ‘growing’ in that last photo!

  • Jane M

    I HEART your new heart necklace! Anxious to read the new recipes coming this week.

  • Christine

    I so love your everyday life week posts! Every week I pick one or two favorites pictures of it. Just in my mind. This week I picked the cards and the Valentine’s breakfast.

    Really enjoy your work and the way you write.

    Happy Sunday!

  • Deborah

    My parents have the exact same kind of coffee cup – the thick white ones with the little green flowers around the edge. Seeing it in your picture brought on a wave of pleasant nostalgia.

  • janet @ the taste space

    Lovely pics. Glad to hear the life-changing loaf went well. I used to reserve my psyllium for a microwave chocolate cake, but it will be nice to mix things up for that loaf! 🙂

    • Tracy

      Ooh how do you make that cake? I’m curious what you put in it. I’ve had microwave cake before, but not with the psyllium husk.

  • Dayna

    It looks like your days have been absolutely blissful. Cooper did a fantastic job decorating those Valentine’s!

    This is my first visit here (I found your link on Heidi’s blog) but I am totally smitten! And I love the name, my cat is named “Bean” and it makes me think of him toting around a little camera! 🙂

  • Jess

    Do you have the recipe for those rolls anywhere on your site? I looked but I couldn’t find it. They look like something my boyfriend would love! If they’re not from your site could you please point me in the right direction?! Thank you 🙂

  • Jen

    Love the shiny lamp!

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