July 28, 2017


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com

Welcome to I Love Lists! It’s Friday, let’s search the internet together:

  1. If you’re feeling spritzy!
  2. Cleaning tricks for lazy peeps.
  3. For a mental vacation
  4. Inspiring spaces: family room / backyard  / nursery
  5. Britney all the way.
  6. 29/32 millennial foods I’ve tried.
  7. There’s a new tabasco sauce!
  8. WTF
  9. 170 Year history of Food Photography
  10. Maj knows alllllll about airplane travel.
  11. A duvet cover that looks perfect for me.
  12. RIP Microsoft Paint
  13. Want it all.
  14. How to Boost Resilience in Midlife
  15. The history of Mt. Tamalpais
  16. This dress with these shoes and this clutch = all my favorite colors
  17. Why Kool-Aid is still around.
  18. It’s about honoring what happened. 
  19. For hummingbird lovers.
  20. Vandalism that is quite clever.
  21. How one becomes what one is– the artistic process
  22. All the hash browns please.
  23. Ways to politely insult others.   Are you guilty of some of these?
  24. Don’t forget to put this frozen mocha mousse on your MUST MAKE list!

have a great weekend!

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