November 26, 2013

Outfitting: Let’s Get Cozy!!

Outfitting: Let's Get Cozy  // shutterbean



I feel like we’re close enough in our relationship for me to tell you that I wear clothes that are semi-pajamas most of the time. I feel like one day in my 40s I’ll be called on What Not to Wear for being that woman who wears clothing made from nothing but t-shirt material & pseudo stripey pajama lounge wear….with Converse. I CANNOT HELP BUT WANT TO BE COZY.

Today I’m showing my ideal cozy outfit to wear during the colder months. I live in California so it’s perfectly acceptable to not have a jacket on this time of year. SORRY!  This outfit feels like pajamas but when you when you get home and take of the scarf, boots & hat. All you need to do is put on your cozy slippers and you’re IN THE SUPREME COZY ZONE. Now we just need a hot toddy.



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