December 12, 2016

Holiday Decor 2016

Holiday Decor with Pier 1 on Shutterbean.com!

Living in the house I grew up in means that at times, completely out of nowhere, I’ll randomly have memories (good and bad) trickle through into my everyday life.

Holiday Decor with Pier 1 on Shutterbean.com!

The holidays trigger so many memories while I’m decorating our house.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my grandparents. I wish I could ask them a whole bunch of things. Questions that I only know to ask because I have more perspective in my life. Like…grown up conversations! I’d ask my grandpa what he liked to take pictures of on his Rolleiflex he gifted me. I wish more than anything that I could see my other grandpa watch Cooper play baseball.  But they are gone and here we are.

This year I teamed up with Pier 1 again for my holiday decor. I used some of the items from last year, a few new pieces and a couple of meaningful little trinkets to honor my family who is no longer with us.


My grandpa used to dress up as Santa and sit on this fireplace (I was always terrified of Santa) with us kids hanging off of him.

I’ll have to dig up a picture. 80s fashions are unbelievable.

Holiday Decor with Pier 1 on Shutterbean.com!

Both of my grandpa’s first names start with A.

Andrew and Armand.

Holiday Decor with Pier 1 on Shutterbean.com!

I cut fresh clippings from our trees outside for the mantle.

Holiday Decor with Pier 1 on Shutterbean.com!

It’s such a cozy spot at night.

Holiday Decor with Pier 1 on Shutterbean.com!

All the items I used from Pier 1 for this mantle:



And we move onto the other fireplace we have in our house.

This one is in the family room where we spend most of our time (it’s attached to the kitchen).

I went with a gold star/candlestick/antler vibe this year.

This is what my mantle looked like last year! 

Holiday Decor with Pier 1 on Shutterbean.com! Holiday Decor with Pier 1 on Shutterbean.com!

I put a couple of lions on the mantle for my grandma. She was also a Leo 😉

Holiday Decor with Pier 1 on Shutterbean.com!

Another one!



I love the combo of the gold with the black. All of the stars are so glittery. They’re so beautiful in candlelight.

Holiday Decor with Pier 1 on Shutterbean.com!

While I was Pier 1, I picked up a few balsam fir diffusers so my house can smell like Christmas tree.

It’s already working!

That lamp (my mom’s) was on this mantle when I was a kid. It’s back in business.

Thanks Mom!

Holiday Decor with Pier 1 on Shutterbean.com!

What I used for the mantle:

Happy Holidays from Shutterbean & Pier 1

Holiday Decor with Pier 1 on Shutterbean.com!

photography by Ashley Batz

This post was produced in partnership with Pier 1 Imports. As always, all opinions are my own.

  • Adie

    I’m not usually much of a gold fan, but this looks fantastic. It’s perfectly holiday without being over the top. And it will look nice through the new year. You have impeccable taste!

    • Tracy

      Thanks so much! I just became a fan of gold a couple of years ago. I NEVER would have thought that would happen 😉

      • Jessica Rodriguez

        Same thing happened to me a few years ago, and I think we are almost the exact same age. Hmmm…strange how things change! Now I even love gold jewelry!

  • Rachael

    Your holiday décor looks amazing 🙂

    Rachael xx.

  • Megan

    I love your decorating style! Your home looks so beautiful!

  • Nicole

    I have been wondering what the A signified! Very cool!
    Love it all!

  • Denise

    Your decor looks great. This column made me cry. I still miss my grandparents and they have been gone a long time. Everyday I think of them. One good thing about being a grandparent is to relive your childhood only from the other perspective. I knew your Grandfather, Andy, and he was a very sweet kind man.


  • Kari

    Gorgeous decor!

  • ruth

    love it all! we don’t have a fireplace in our house so i have major mantle envy. we also have a 14 month old so no time to really make vignettes, but we definitely have little touches here and there. looking forward to the future when i have a bigger house and more time to decorate!

  • Danielle

    Very pretty! I love your taste! I’m jealous you have two fireplaces. I don’t have one and I always felt I needed a mantle in my life. So many possibilities! Someday 🙂

  • Marilyn

    I love this year’s array of photos and angles of the mantle compared to last! Skillzzz

  • Bri

    Love your mantle! Look so cozy!

  • Nikki

    Your mantle is so lovely! I’ve recently gotten into black for my home — I used to be such a natural wood/brown person but now I want to chuck everything and only get black/mirrored and distressed.

  • Shana

    I got those stockings today – 75% off in Canada this week! Even prettier in person. Sadly they were sold out of the antlers which I was really after.

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