Single Serving Nachos

Single Serving Nachos // shutterbean

We don’t always have the time to make nachos from scratch…and sometimes we lack all of the ingredients. But! If you have a microwave (or oven/toaster oven), tortilla chips and cheese you can make single serving nachos in less than a minute. I wanted a snack yesterday so I stuck 5 tortilla chips in the microwave in a circle and popped them in the microwave for about 2o seconds. Once the cheese was melted and topped each chip with a dollop of salsa and pickled jalapeño. A little cilantro leaf to make it fancy!  The toppings are all up to you and based on what you have.  I would have put sour cream or Greek yogurt on top..or maybe even a sliver of avocado. Next time!   The trick is to not make them more than a single serving. Good luck with that.

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