April 8, 2016


I love lists // shutterbean

It’s Friday. I love lists. Here’s one for you:

  1. I heart Shibori
  2. Special Effects are kinda messing with us.
  3. I’ve never figured out how to gleek. Always wanted to…here’s how. Thanks, internet.
  4. This is so sweet. I found a piece of dough in Cooper’s pockets once. After I ran it thru the WASH.
  5. An Open Letter to Tiny House Hunters
  6. I can’t believe what’s involved in this shoot.  It’s like… just take a picture.
  7. Ah! You can make your own hard lemonade. Genius.
  8. If I had long hair, I’d probably do this.
  9. Instructions taken too literally.
  10. Hilarious book covers. 
  11. I dunno why, but this bark intrigues me. Maybe I just want animal cookies.
  12. The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship. (like..even the photo stresses me out)
  13. I stopped feeling guilty about #9 like a decade ago. Black bra 4eva.
  14. You don’t want to see me after 4 glasses of wine. Well, maybe you do.
  15. Uhhh. I dunno. My husband is a Pisces and this isn’t even right.
  16. I had a dream about these once and now they are REAL LIFE. Churro Waffles 4evs.
  17. If I was on Tinder, I would probably be this Paul Rudd gif spammer.
  18. I can’t imagine sending Casey out to buy my makeup.
  19. Well…look who can stay at Julia Child’s House now- ANYONE.
  20. We are currently re-watching the Wonder Years. Here are some facts!
  21. A little pep talk for you- GET YOUR SH!T DONE


Books to Inspire (I’m looking at my bookshelf right now):

Things that caught my eye:


  • Rebeca

    I have a small business (tiny, really) and that article on entrepreneurship was spot on. The anxiety I experienced when starting out was worse than anything I’d felt before. Things have calmed down a bit, but there are still some days when I ask myself what the heck did I get myself into!
    Oh, and I’m with you – black bra forever!

  • MB @ Bourbon and Brown Sugar

    Oh my word… those Churro Waffles made my day! I love your lists too Tracy!

  • ACB

    Great list of links this week! I have to agree with you, that zodiac fight thing is ridiculous. Makes me wonder which sign the writer is.

  • mary

    haven’t gone all the way through today’s list, but the tiny house article is HYSTERICAL. I’m dying over here in my office crackin’ up. LOVE your lists – favorite part of my Friday each week – hot cup o’ joe, your list, and the weekend’s started!

  • Paula

    Oh boy, T, this week’s links are ACES. The tiny house letter. The photoshopped kids’ book covers. I don’t want any of it to end.

  • Shannon

    I love the boyfriend buying his girlfriend the makeup!! I can’t even imagine what my husband would come home with! As always, I love ending my week with your Friday Lists, Tracy. They are the best around.

  • Beverlily

    Can you picture Dad buying my make-up? What a disaster that would be.!!!

  • erinlucy

    Great list as usual but sheesh, no more ending the lists with a pep talk about getting back to work! I was guiltily taking a break from studying and then WHAM! now I have to get back to it.
    Also, I found the aries section of that zodiac fight list pretty hilarious. My mum and sister are both aries and the only way that could have been more accurate is if they were named in the article. Ps. I’m a scorpio….

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