May 5, 2017


I love lists // shutterbean

Welcome to I Love Lists! It’s Friday. Let’s surf the internet together:

  1. Cat owners are guilty of a few things….
  2. A new Wes Anderson movie! YAY
  3. I could use some mini mottos around my house.
  4. What do Chefs notice in restaurants?
  5. What I Needed to Hear
  6. Very cool black out shades.
  7. This doesn’t seem like a good idea. 
  8. What happens if you get shot and how to survive it. I suppose this is helpful?
  9. Are meal kits cheaper than buying groceries?
  10. I wish I knew more about her. I love her smile.
  11. This looks amazing. Too bad it’s sold out!
  12. How old should kids be to get cell phones?
  13. Anthony Bourdain’s favorite airport foods.
  14. Mirrors reflecting on a lake. This is so beautiful.
  15. Apparently, I am 42, and they got my height correct! 5’7″!
  16. The history of McDonald’s uniforms (I love stuff like this)
  17. Muji hut for the backyard. Yes, please.
  18. Passwords….ugh…they are the death of me.
  19. If you need help creating a cleaning schedule.
  20. See ya later, June! I’m gonna binge watch House of Cards!
  21. People who work in hospitals are miracle workers.
  22. The backfire effect <—– good read!
  • Kay

    Hmmm…got 42 and 5’7″ too…..I’m 43 and 5’9″. 🙂

  • Jane M

    HaHa I ALSO got 42 and 5’7″ BUT I am 58 and 5’4″! But I AM a good eater and who cooks home ALL.THE.TIME! I love having people in and entertaining! Has been my 2017 goal!

  • Scarlett

    Haha, I’m sensing a pattern here with your readers…. I ALSO got 42 & 5’7″ (in fact I notice that I tend to match your results pretty often with these buzzfeed quizzes, maybe because I am also a Leo!) I am, in fact, 26 and 6’1″.

  • Alisa

    What the heck?! I also got 42 and 5’7″! Crazy!

    In actual fact, I’m 37 & 5’7″ 🙂

  • Susan

    That oatmeal cartoon link is more than a “good read”. It should be listed as “required reading”.

    Also – that backpack – do you think it would work solo for a weekend trip without being too heavy?

  • Shawna

    I, too, got 42 and 5’7″. It’s rigged! i’m actually 47 and 5’10”. Maybe we all just answered the same – omelette (which they didn’t spell correctly), salad, steak, ice cream!

  • Autumn

    I got 15 and 5’4″. I’m 47 and 5’7″. I did something wrong lol

  • Susan

    I got 34 and 5’9. I’m actually 53 and 5’7.

  • chefxchange

    Haha! Bourdain’s Aiport Food is a great one. Thanks for including it.

  • Mary Frances

    Love the list. I actually just read all of how to survive the gun shot. I am ready to go!

  • Mardi

    This picture of the two little girls/umbrellas is SO cute.

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