My Everyday Life: Week 48

Here’s what this past week looked like:

RAIN. FOR DAYS. Seriously.

Mantle is decorated!

Here’s a little glimpse. I’ll show you more soon!

Christmas tree is decorated too! BOOM.

Christmas cards are about to be ordered. Here are some outtakes.

Although…this one could be really funny on a card….

Yesterday we made graham cracker houses. I used to do this when I was a kid. I remember going over to my friend Meeghan’s house and decorating graham cracker houses as one of her birthday party activities.

I also remember how annoyed I got when my roof would collapse.

It might have to be a new tradition for us. Casey, Cooper & I made houses for at least 3 hours yesterday.

This is mine…before I ran out of frosting.

This is Cooper’s! His roof fell…and so he ended up with this.

You can see Casey overachieving in the background. HAHA.

Making Royal Icing at 7am. Not even caffeinated yet.

Casey’s favorite breakfast. He would probably comment on how his milk was less than in this photo.

Getting Cooper involved in cooking! I had him put the pepper on the Hot Wings I made this week.

He did a great job…salt, on the other hand? I had to step in.

Just a moment. Chefs taking breaks.  I liked that TONY IS HERE sign.

Speaking of Tony, we went to Tony’s Pizza for work lunch the other day. I love it there.

Making our first panini in our new panini press. Inspired by Joy’s grilled cheese I made a cranberry, horseradish cheddar, maple turkey sandwich on sourdough for Casey. I’m obsessed!!!

Burgers with my friend Leslie at The Counter.  Just waiting for my mustard….

I wanted to make a panini that had pesto in it and when I went to the store to find some, they were selling fresh pesto for $8!!!!!! Screw that. I made my own for like $3.  I also made a batch of garlic ginger butter so we could protect ourselves against vampires & the common cold.

I grilled toast, smeared pesto on top, smashed in an avocado & served it with Carrot Soup.


Watching deer while I eat pesto avocado toast for breakfast.

Cooper joining in the deer watching.

A beautiful sunset that I almost missed.

We had sun for 2.5 seconds this week.

Recipe testing! You’re gonna like this one.

Adding to my cookie repertoire.  Stay tuned!


  • Lizzie

    That burger looks delish! And wow, 3 hours of house-making. Sounds like a wonderful tradition 🙂

  • vanessa

    I keep hearing about that griddler thing. How do you like it?

    • Tracy

      I LOVE IT. Been using it all week. It’s so easy to clean too! much easier than my grill pan.

  • Gina Marie @ So Lets Hang Out

    soooooo much rain this week! I literally thought my house was going to uproot last night and start floating away. It was coming down in one solid noisy sheet. Definitely woke us up. How are you liking your panini press. I am intrigued. 😉

    • Tracy

      I’m in love with that thing!!! IN.LOVE.

      and OMG I thought our house was gonna blow over last night. CRAYZEEEEEE

  • Sera

    Those cookies look gooey good! Can’t wait 🙂

  • jenny

    graham cracker houses!! I have such happy memories of making those at my friend becca’s house all through middle school and high school. (yes, we were dorks.) the houses got quite elaborate as we got older–like, some serious architectural masterpieces going on. so much fun to be reminded of that thanks to your pictures this week. 🙂

  • Megan | Eats Daily

    Gorgeous decorations! It’s times like these that I really wish I had a mantle…

  • Sarah

    I love the sense of magic and fun that seems to permeate every moment in your posts Tracey!

  • Victoria

    So much to look forward to on your blog!!! Love the Christmas card out takes, your new tradition, and your *obsession* with a good panani!

  • Heather

    I love the view from behind the Christmas tree. Lucky!

  • Julianna Konrad de Pelaez

    Just wanted to let me know I so enjoy your blog! I was had like, a split second break from LIFE here, and found your blog had been updated, so I thoroughly enjoyed your everyday life….kind of like a break from MY everyday life (except I don’t have a blog about it and if I did, the pictures would not be as great). Blessings!

    • Julianna Konrad de Pelaez

      And by that I mean, just wanted to let YOU know!!!! Geez. OH MY G…….NO. Okay, let me rephrase. “Just wanted to let YOU know, I so enjoy your blog! I had like a split second….And from there on I think what I wrote is understandable. The ONE TIME I actually write something on someone else’s blog…I swear. And I wrote THAT!

  • Julia

    The views from your nice big windows are breathtaking!

  • Jane M

    Waiting for my grown daughter to come home to make the faux gingerbread houses! Looks like fun. Hope our roofs don’t fall in! Your house looks very pretty decorated. Tis the season.

  • Megan

    And I agree with another commentabove – amazing view from your front window! Thanks for sharing such great images!!

  • Amy

    Holy hell, that rain was crazy! We lost power and everything. Glad it’s over! These pics make me want to decorate gingerbread houses, stat! Also, I now need pesto and a burger. My favorite burger place near me makes a pesto burger and I’m pretty sure I need to make that happen ASAP. I’ll blame the extra calories on you 😉

  • Kristen M.

    This post is super inspirational! I’m going mantle decor shopping this week for sure. I need lights and shapes and all sorts of fun stuff! And grilled cheese and graham cracker houses. Just about the only thing I won’t be making happen up here in Seattle is that gorgeous sunset. Chances are pretty low for one of those until late spring. 😛

  • Melissa Marie

    I have been dying to decorate/make a gingerbread house. I was thinking of getting a kit, but you have reminded me of the power of the graham cracker. I will do this!

  • Jayne

    I love this post so much. There’s so many things here that warms my heart. Cracker house decorating, panini, garlic ginger butter… So beautiful.

  • Ross | TheFaceBaby

    A. Your tree is killer. Not literally like a tree from The Nightmare Before Christmas, but super-duper-cool killer.
    2. I’ve been meaning to try out The Counter that opened near me awhile back … now I’m thinking I should’ve tried it sooner.
    III. That sunset is on fire. Gorgeous.

    • Tracy

      You should totally do it. You can get a burger ANY way you want it. Fried egg in your burger is even an option. Boom.

  • Carly

    Best tip ever from my mom – build your graham cracker house around a little milk carton. It supports the crackers and icing as the treats are piled on. Makes for strange looking photos when you’re eating them, but it works!

  • Leah

    Your family time pictures are so sweet.

    Ginger garlic butter sounds amazing!!! I bet a toothbrush is needed after that!

  • Jen

    I have my students make graham cracker houses every year…I have them rinse out their little milk cartons and staple them closed for structure…I also totally use the canned frosting for this…

  • Katie @ Blonde Ambition

    This weekend’s rain was cray cray. I can’t believe there’s more on the horizon too…

    Your tree is seriously beautiful, and I would love nothing more right now than to be wearing some kind of PJ onesie and building a gingerbread house out of graham crackers. What a lucky kid!

  • Cathy

    I always love this type of post. Also ADORE your “I love lists” Friday 🙂

    Keep posting those pics!

    Cathy Trails
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  • Ashley

    I absolutely love your Christmas Tree. Where is it from?

    • Tracy

      Thank you! I got it at Target about 6 or 7 years ago. I think they still have them!

  • Lindsay

    Wow, my grandparents used to have this house in a small town near Sacramento, and their backyard was all woodsy and awesome. We used to watch deer with a pair of binoculars too!! Seeing your photo just brought back so many memories and so much joy. Thank you for that!

  • Kate @ Eat, Recycle, Repeat

    Garlic ginger butter sounds amazing. Your tree photo is so picturesque with the background! And those graham cracker houses are too cute. Finally, I vote for the second Cooper photo for your xmas card 🙂

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