July 7, 2017


My Everyday Life: Week 25 on Shutterbean.com

Welcome to I Love Lists. It’s Friday! Let’s surf the internet together:

  1. The world sometimes looks like Wes Anderson movies.
  2. Amelia Earhart possibly survived her crash?
  3. What a fun project!
  4. This is sad.
  5. Very inspiring. I wish him the best!
  6. I love spotting little details in movies.
  7. Music festival food is getting fancy.
  8. Researching: Self Publishing Pros + Cons
  9. My favorite brownies + my favorite brownie pan
  10. Reading through: Camping Tips from a Park Ranger
  11. To Do this weekend: take a watercolor class
  12. Let’s all make some jam hand pies this summer.
  13. I got sage.
  14. This caught my attention.
  15. Oh gosh. I am still figuring out if I’m a cruise person…
  16. Google image searches: Brigitte Bardot
  17. Hair goals: Flower braids
  18. Don’t forget: The people in reality tv are REAL people.
  19. Summer goals: ice cream sandwiches
  20. Something pretty cool.
  21. Don’t walk + text.
  22. Drones are annoying, but they produce amazing shots.
  23. Meatballs: An Oral History (we loved this movie as kids)
  • Shawna

    I read the NYT story about Sean Brock and was so happy for him. There were some episodes of “Mind of the Chef” where he was looking ROUGH, and that was a few years ago so you know the past couple of years must have been hard. I hope the restaurant industry is paying attention to stories like Sean’s and others and try to make some changes asap. Back when I was cooking in the 1990’s, it was normal to start drinking at 2pm, even though you had another 10 hours of work ahead of you. Others did much worse than my daily lemon shots throughout the day, and I’m thankful I never did since many ended up in rehab. That’s all fine and good when you’re in you’re 20’s but to keep that up in your 40’s seems awfully dangerous to me.

  • Courtney F

    Short story long: I read your Friday Lists for about a year before I started doing something similar and sending it to my husband who travels every week. It gave us things to talk about. Well I recently got a new job and am extremely behind on your Lists (in the ballpark of 5 months behind, ha).

    I decided to start catching up on your Lists, and #20 in this one made me say, “Hey, I know that place!!” The first image in that article is from Oslo, where my husband and I were this past March. He took my picture on that very bench! Cool way to bring back a memory, thank you!

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