September 29, 2017

I Love Lists!

I love lists // shutterbean.com

Welcome to I LOVE LISTS! It’s Friday, let’s surf the internet together.

  1. Sometimes I step back and look at what I’ve done.  Whoa.
  2. Here’s 25% off your first order from Thrive Market– I saved about $989 using them last year.
  3. Best small towns to visit in the world.
  4. What are the healthiest fast food orders? Save this for road trips!
  5. What it’s like to step into a diamond.
  6. Class to take: drawing collections
  7. To make: chocolate pumpkin bread / Caramel Pumpkin Oatmeal Bars
  8. I want a nail polish wall!
  9. Always be prepared.
  10. What are your Autumn Projects?
  11. Your towels are dirtier than you think.
  12. Working on this week- how to backup your iPhone. 
  13. This is a good read about marriage & emotional labor.
  14. Because man cold season is upon us!
  15. Why you see so many shoes on the highway.
  16. From Redwood tree to Octopus
  17. A timeline of all of the top Christmas presents ever
  18. The secret formula of resilience.
  19. Did you watch the new Gaga documentary? I enjoyed it.
  20. Looks like a good breakfast to me!
  21. How a cruise ship feeds 1000 people
  22. Behind the scenes on The Princess Bride
  23. To read: The Empath’s Survival Guide / Quiet/ Grow Your Handmade Business
  24. Listen more than you speak

have a great weekend!

  • Rebeca

    When my boyfriend and I moved in together, there were several “fights” about how often towels should be washed (ridiculous, I know, but it’s good that was the biggest of our problems, I guess). He accepted my way, though he still thought I was a tiny bit crazy. That article is going his way to prove my point, ha.
    That list of the best small towns to visit made me itchy to travel. I’ve only been to Sintra, which is, indeed, a wonderful destination – but you can’t never go wrong with Portugal.

    Happy weekend, Tracy!

  • Sarah

    So excited that Cinque Terre in Italy is on the list of tiny towns. I am planning a trip for me and my husband. Also, Quiet has been on my “to read” list for a while.
    Glad you posted the article about emotional labor. I have seen it floating around FB but hadn’t read it. Spot on!

  • Maria

    I will trade you bread for your bars:) Thanks for the feature! xo

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