Intentions for the Week:

Intentions for the Week - May 1, 2017 on

It’s Monday! It’s a new month. HELLO, MAY!! How are we feeling about May?  I like that the first day of the month is on a Monday. Doesn’t seem like that happens often enough.

Today I am going to be getting my brain in the game for May by working on my Intentions for the Week. I can’t believe we are almost halfway through the year. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO????!!!

I have to finish drawing up my April spread in my bullet journal and then I’ll be able to post my April currently post.  All of the traveling in April threw off my schedule (in a good way!), so I am working hard to get myself back on track/catch up. Stay tuned for that.

Let’s see what’s in store for this week…..

This Week’s Intentions:

  • keep working on the 100 days project
  • return library books
  • return Old Navy dress
  • grocery shop
  • kick ass at laundry and get to ground ZERO
  • make a new recipe/map out May calendar
  • send out letters
  • research more garden stuff
  • put all of my books away (I have so many stacks around the house!)
  • order more bags from ThredUp
  • catch up on emails
  • catch up on bookkeeping
  • catch up on social media
  • finish vision board
  • put away winter clothes
  • packaging supplies for Etsy
  • yoga  x 2
  • baseball x 2
  • plan for BBQ/sleepover? on Saturday
  • post my April 2017 currently post/share April drawing

Last Week’s Intentions:

  • get home safely from trip to Nashville/New Orleans (I’m here! safe!)
  • laundry (always) (working on currently)
  • unpack suitcase  (my rest of my family still needs to unpack from Monterey!)
  • yoga x 2  (once in NOLA and once at home and a hike too!)
  • water plants
  • work on garden/trip to the nursery
  • send out letters (got thrown off course, catching up soon!)
  • art class on Friday (I TOTALLY SPACED AND FORGOT OMG)
  • make a recipe (I haven’t been home much, just making eggs. Fixing that!)
  • write a Currently post for April
  • draw a spread for April in my journal
  • baseball games x 2
  • finish vision board (almost done)
  • catch up on emails (must carve out more time)
  • clean out the fridge 
  • post pancake recipe    posted!
  • drop off library books (dropped off half. have like 5 more to go back)
  • get packaging supplies for prints (back on the to do list for this week)

What about you? What are you up to this week?

Share your intentions in the comments! 

  • LaMesha

    This week I need to mail out mother’s day cards, put the laundry away, schedule family pictures, reschedule our flights to Berlin, and get the baby a flu shot. I don’t want to do any of these things though.

  • Rebe

    I love this series and appreciate the invitation to join. I got more done the week I wrote it all down so here goes…

    -put together presentation powerpoint, pictures and props for Not Your Typical Club
    -recruit 4 more NCBC volunteers
    -contact appropriate coworker re: launchpads, special needs collection & NCBC books
    -update audiobook and cd bookmarks
    -create shelf labels
    -see “Something Rotten” at Playhouse Square
    -grocery shop for Cinco de Mayo party (tacos + margaritas + game night!)
    -put away boxes
    -dust/vacuum floors
    -wear FitBit
    -take at least 3 walks
    -return and/or renew library books/cds/magazines
    -place Davids Tea order
    -make hair appointment
    -send out ArtWalk publicity
    -drink water
    -read at least 1 book + 1 comic
    -put away all clothes from “the chair”, the guest bedroom bed & the floor

    • Tracy

      your week sounds AWESOME. I forget to wear my fitbit. I am going to try to add that into my routine soon. Thanks for the nudge.

      I have a pile of clothes in my guest bedroom that is getting cleared out by the end of the day.

  • Megan

    Happy Monday! Thanks for letting me list with you:

    -Allocate time to relax and finish my Sunday crossword
    -Use that peel off face mask that has been collecting dust under my sink
    -Make plans to watch Oaks and the Derby at a fun bar in town with a mint julep (it’s Louisville, it’s all we talk about here this week)
    -Wash dog again (still has skunk smell from being sprayed months ago…)
    -Prepare for upcoming industry seminar
    -Pick a spot/night to go to dinner celebrate my B’day with husband
    -Meal prep hearty salads for this week
    -Change air filter in apartment
    -Repot strawberry plants
    -Send thank you notes
    -Schedule a one-on-one catch up with my boss
    -Friday afternoon off work, RELAX!

  • Kimberly

    I love this communal goal setting!
    1. Write Polish Poster Lecture
    2. Write Typography Lecture
    3. Henna Hair
    4. Price pressure cleaner and paint sprayer to paint house
    5. Photo and post skull tote bags on Etsy
    6. Appt. with Dr.
    7. Finish short story page
    8. Finish storytelling class on Skillshare
    9. Put away all the screen printing stuff on the dining room table
    10. Zine fair review/video post

  • Michela

    Love reading everyone’s lists!
    -Brainstorm ways to stop spending all my money at the Whole Foods salad bar
    -Create a meal plan template (Salad Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, etc.) so I don’t feel like I’m starting at meal planning square one every week
    -Make some rules regarding reintroduction post-Whole30 (I’m down 10 lbs and scared to gain back if I reintroduce..)
    -Walk a minimum of 4 times
    -Go to Master Gardener sale and buy lots of plants!
    -Do something thoughtful for T

    • Tracy

      here’s a way:
      don’t get the cucumbers. they cut them super big so that it weighs down your salad. think about the weight of things and then work the system!!
      def make some reintro rules. GO SLOW!!!

  • Caitlyn

    I love these posts and the invitation to join. I’ve been meaning to join for awhile. I struggle sometimes with breaking my overall to do list into what I need to do for just this week and end up getting stuck. So I’m hoping participating here will help me.

    – Create presentation for pharmacology class
    – Read paper
    – Create slides
    – Write talking points in slide notes
    – Create presentation for techniques class
    – Read both papers
    – Create slides
    – Write talking points in slide notes
    – Study for cell bio exam
    -Rewatch lecture that I slept through =/
    – Review all notes
    -Rewrite notes
    -Create flashcards from revised notes
    -Review flashcards x 10
    – Mail care-package to friend (technically it was her Christmas present =/)
    – Laundry
    -Sweep bedroom floor (aka make sure everything is off floor so I can sweep)

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