May 10, 2019


 I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. To all of my photo friends- Henri Cartier Bresson documentary!
  2. Even astronauts binge-watch TV in space.
  3. Pictures of old school parenting that would never fly today.
  4. Mapping emotions in our bodies.
  5. The dark side of corporate perks.
  6. I am equally right and left brained.
  7. Love poems for married people
  8. Martha Stewart’s personal Instagram is so random.
  9. If you make a doctor’s office like a man cave, more men will go.
  10. A podcast I enjoyed this week- Healers- Finding Light in the Dark
  11. A grilled cheese made with garlic bread?  How about my garlic bread??!
  12. New-to-me internet term: chum box
  13. Hash browns are the new toast– see also my Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich
  14. The power & importance of a checkbox.
  15. Behind Dr.Bronner’s Soaps.
  16. Weekend goals: declutter medicine cabinet
  17. The sound of a million monarch butterflies.
  18. Menus will start having ads soon.
  19. Cats will do what they wanna do.
  20. Note to self: Make a vision board with Cooper!
  21. Soon your smartwatch will know way more of what you’re doing.
  22. Food journals to help hold you accountable!

  • Jessica Block

    Every week, I wait ’till friday to check on your weekly list. I simply love it!
    Thanks for sharing! <3

  • Priya

    Oooh I love the weekly I Love Lists too! It’s my favourite! I mean, Fridays are already great and then I get this awesome list to look through over the day and it’s such a part of the ritual now!
    Guffawed at the poems for married people one!!

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