July 19, 2019



  1. A sweet idea if you’ve got a new baby.
  2. I can’t even believe the diaper technology these days. WHAT.
  3. Airlines are rethinking the middle seat. 
  4. What happened to all of Bob Ross’ paintings? 
  5. I wish I could play the piano like this.
  6. Nature vs. Man  (nature wins!)
  7. Bon Appetit comes up with the magical summer formula
  8. Famous photos and the cameras that captured them.
  9. Hummingbirds are magical creatures.
  10. Instagram is hiding the likes in 7 countries now.
  11. Apparently we don’t have enough vegetables on Earth.
  12. These photos are amazing.
  13. I’d love to try a savory breakfast bread.
  14. I finally found packing cubes for our trip. Going to test them out!
  15. How far will technology go?
  16. What cool men looked like in the 1970s
  17. How our brains decide when to trust.
  18. There’s a mass conch shell graveyard in the Carribean. 
  19. Etsy is the place to get imported tropical fruits.
  20. Summer treats: s’mores dip / raspberry cornmeal cobbler / arnold palmer popsicles


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  • Katie

    I look forward to your list posts every week – you always find the most interesting stuff! Keeping all those Bob Ross masterpieces hidden away in boxes is a crime against humanity. If they are ever taken out of storage and released for museums or auctions, CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE the level of ASMR an unboxing video of that process could achieve?

  • Kaye Berman

    I absolutely LOVE my packing cubes. I have the same ones you purchased and I hope you like them as much as I do! As you go through your trip one automatically becomes a dirty clothes bag which is an awesome perk! I know you have your own method for packing electronics and cords but they are pretty good for that too! Happy Friday!

  • Allison

    I just ordered a food journal. So excited

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