May 29, 2020



  1. How well do you know cursive?
  2. Whoa. I didn’t know that about the ampersand.
  3. This looks like the best way to eat zucchini! YUM.
  4. What life looked like when my parents were growing up. 
  5. Beautiful flower arrangements appear on the streets of NYC.
  6. A blanket of my dreams.
  7. Is it safe to travel again?
  8. I’ve been wanting to make my own pita bread.
  9. If you don’t have cocktail ingredients, these things work in a pinch.
  10. Pressed flowers turn into something amazing.
  11. This post-depression cleanup video is therapeutic. 
  12.  Creative hobbies to try while you’re sheltering-in-place
  13. So many of my teacher friends miss their kids!
  14. I prefer Shake Shack to In & Out
  15. This makes me want a guest house. 
  16. 50 songs in 3 minutes.
  17. What are the personality types in The Office?
  18. How COVID will shape the class of 2020 for the rest of their lives.
  19. This might make you motivated to do some projects rn.
  20. To make: green tea ice cream /cherry pie crumble bars / drop biscuits


In case you missed it, this week  I shared my Intentions for the Week Printable!

It will help you get your head in the game every week as we shelter in place.

I’ll be sharing more on The Handwriting Club stories and in my Intentions for the Week Posts!

You can purchase printable here! 

  • K

    There are women who film themselves cleaning their homes kinda similar to the depression clean up.

    Tho i dont think these women are depressed and it’s basically large family home clean up.

    And it is oddly appealing and motivating, as was watching this one.

  • Shannon Anderson

    I really want to see the blanket of your dreams! But it’s the Shake Shack burger link

    • Susan

      I also wanted to see the blanket and had a moment of confusion. At first when the site opened I thought it was for a blanket with a burger pic on it. LOL

  • Charlie


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