November 20, 2020



  1. How to get your collectibles appraised.
  2. The best inventions of 2020.
  3. Funny business names from the Simpsons. ‘Muff Said.
  4. Classical paintings in modern situations.
  5. Let’s be glad we’re not dealing with wedding cake fails rn.
  6. People share their incredible/interesting photos.
  7. I want a cyanometer.
  8. Found object art.
  9. I have my eye on this rug/mat for my kitchen.
  10. What happens when you spend, weeks, months & years in solitary confinement.
  11. I am going to try this bandaid hack with my mask so I can wear my glasses.
  12. How cats really sharpen their claws.
  13. What Mickey Mouse looked like in the 1930s (creepy!)
  14. World’s first mobile bowling alley. I didn’t know we needed one!
  15. How technology is helping to reshape fitness & outdoor recreation.
  16. Get cozy: a mug / favorite tea / comfy slippers/ cozy robe
  17. We abandoned our travel plans. You should consider doing it too.
  18. How Alex Trebek a writer’s mother’s life.
  19. Weekend baking: crustless pumpkin pie / cranberry rosemary bars
  20. 10 things you don’t need to do on Thanksgiving

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  • Carlita

    Have you tried vanilla comoro tea by Harney and Sons? It’s decaf black tea loveliness. You can find it at Target.

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