February 12, 2021


Love is our Mother


  1. People are giving up drinking because of the pandemic.
  2. Things Gen-Z needs to stop. HA.
  3. Mildly interesting photos.
  4. How will jobs & health care look in the future?
  5. This house from the 70s is a time capsule. 
  6. Did you see this Target dress challenge?
  7. Shelley Duvall was my childhood.        
  8. How amazing would it be to get a blanket like this?
  9. I love a playful husband. I’m married to one.
  10. How the food we eat affects our brain.
  11. An honest review of the TikTok baked feta pasta.
  12. This floral embroidery is incredible.  
  13. Londoners in 1877.
  14. Put your ginger in the air fryer. Hmm. Curious! 
  15. How to stop overthinking.
  16. Household objects transformed into art.
  17. What happens to couples under stress.
  18. Remember Prince’s Superbowl halftime show? 
  19. People share mundane things that they find exciting.
  20. Aunt Jemima has been rebranded.
  21. Simple things to do for Valentine’s Day. 
  22. Frozen mocha mousse for your sweetheart.


  • Amanda

    Thanks for sharing about the viral feta tomatoes recipe 😉 I haven’t tried it but kept feeling like it was that revolutionary and glad others feel the same.

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