October 8, 2021



What are you neglecting? // I LOVE LISTS


  1. I totally thought Eminem’s restaurant was a joke. Oops
  2. Some kitchen counter styling inspiration.
  3. 10 years worth of moon.
  4. Those times you feel old…in memes. 
  5. See also: relics from our 80s childhood.
  6. Ted Lasso reimagined as a horror movie. 
  7. Disney is opening up a Star Wars hotel.
  8. Everything looks better in reverse. 
  9. Truths nobody wants to hear.
  10. My grandma put a ton of black pepper in her taralli.
  11. Trader Joe’s pumpkin stuff reviews.
  12. A whole bunch of low-carb casserole recipes.
  13. Little Free Art Galleries! What a cute idea.
  14. The geometric beautiful of abstract architecture photography.
  15. How to keep a bundt pan from sticking.
  16. Robes to lounge in:  one / two / three / four
  17. Today, I learned.
  18. Hello, dream home.
  19. Shutterbean Pumpkin:  french toast / biscottimaple bourbon butter
  20. The world’s best restaurants 2021.
  21. Flowers in Lebanon.
  22. Weekend reading: The Road Less Traveled

  • jen

    i love the looks of the kitchens from the first link, but where’s the stand mixer? toaster oven? coffee maker? vitamix? i definitely need more cabinets to hide these in!!

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