Current Favorite Pens 2022

Shutterbean's Current Favorite Pens- A selection of writing and drawing pens by @Shutterbean @thehandwritingclub

Current Favorite Pens 2022! Can you believe the last time I shared my favorite pens was in 2018? Time sure does fly!  Since then, my handwriting has greatly improved and I have added a few more winners to the collection.  

Let’s dump out my pen case!

These are my Current Favorite Pens! 

Current Favorite Pens- Shutterbean @thehandwritingclub

Let’s break it down. 

Current Favorite Pens- Shutterbean @thehandwritingclub

TOMBOW BRUSH PEN (dual-sided)

This pen is like putting on comfy slippers for me. Except comfy slippers last a long time. When these things dry up they’re worthless but when they are brand new and well cared for they are HEAVEN. 

I use the black pen to make bold headers in my lists.

I also use the colorful brush pens to highlight things I’ve completed in my Intentions for the Week planner.

My Everyday Life Week 07 of 2022- a photography series by Tracy Benjamin of 

They add color to my life and I like that I can do it all with a broad stroke. 

Current Favorite Pens- Shutterbean @thehandwritingclub


I use this pen in my Currently Workbook (you can still get one here btw) and my Intentions for the Week planner.

Current Favorite Pens- Shutterbean @thehandwritingclub

It’s super inky! I like that I can do a combo of capital letters with cursive thrown in.

Current Favorite Pens- Shutterbean @thehandwritingclub


Read message above. This is a game-changer for the left-hander. If you have someone in your life who fidgets with pen caps, consider yourself warned. You’ll seriously cut yourself. 

This is why I love a retractable. Losing a cap is the worst. 

Current Favorite Pens- Shutterbean @thehandwritingclub

Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pen

For the times when I want to feel fancy and then realize I’m not. This pen is not for someone who moves fast. If you have patience and you are slow and deliberate about your writing, congratulations! You’ll like this one. If you’re writing a fancy thank you note, this pen will make your words feel/look extra special.

Current Favorite Pens- Shutterbean @thehandwritingclub

Look at what it does to my hand. Newsflash, I almost always have ink on my hands. 

Current Favorite Pens- Shutterbean @thehandwritingclub


I found this pen at Blick Art Supply.  It made my dopamine levels soar.

It takes a lot to wow me and WOW.  

My Everyday Life Week 2 of 2022- a photography series by Tracy Benjamin of

I really liked the magenta one as well.  

Current Favorite Pens- Shutterbean @thehandwritingclub


I like using this one when I make fancy lists.

I like doing capital letters with it.

I feel like I can get the Bewitched look I love with this pen.

I am transported back into another time.

Current Favorite Pens- Shutterbean @thehandwritingclub


I used this one a lot when I sent out all the magic packages over the holiday season. 

It’s a classic. Somehow a professional sharpie chisel tip turned up in my life and it was magnificent. If you’ve been writing on smaller pens, this one gives your fingers a nice stretch! 

My Everyday Life Week 48 of 2021- a photography series by Tracy Benjamin of

And if I get the tip just right, I can do a cursive I like with it. 

My Everyday Life Week 51 of 2021- a photography series by Tracy Benjamin of

And now we move on to another WOW pen.

Current Favorite Pens- Shutterbean @thehandwritingclub


Magic. Pure magic. Watch gold develop before your eyes!  It also makes a good sound when you use it!

Current Favorite Pens- Shutterbean @thehandwritingclub


Always good to go back to a home base pen. These were my special pens when I was a kid and as an adult, it feels fun to write to-do lists with them. I used to color things in with these pens when I was a kid and it always made me mad cuz it would take forever. As I recall, I would color so much that it would make a hole in my page!

I think that’s why I love coloring with brush pens now. 

Current Favorite Pens- Shutterbean @thehandwritingclub

Posca Paint Pen 

Forever and ever amen. I think you’ve already heard about it from me. It’s just that it makes my life so fun!

I pair it a lot with black gesso.

Currently August 2021 - Shutterbean

Paint pens are all that I ever wanted when I was a child. I am glad they exist now. It really sucked living without them.

Current Favorite Pens- Shutterbean @thehandwritingclub

Staedtler non-permanent pen

I used to wax poetic about these dry erase pens and then I got super annoyed how some innocent move on my part smudged off something I wrote. It was super annoying having to correct any of the letters I accidentally swiped. I have been using this pen on my Meal Prep Lists now.  I laminated the pages and now I just write on top of it. You can also use them on top of page protectors. 

You need a good amount of moisture to make the ink smudge. For this, I love them. 

My Everyday Life Week 09 of 2022- a photography series by Tracy Benjamin of

Thank you for indulging my love for pens.

My Everyday Life Week 39 of 2021- a photography series by Tracy Benjamin of

If you love pens too, welcome to The Handwriting Club. 

  • Alicia A

    Ah the leftie ink hand.
    I remember always having pencil on that side of my hand.

  • Deanna

    I’m a leftie, who presses fairly (very) hard when I write and think writing on a single sheet of paper is torture, and my ride or die pen since 2005 is the Pentel EnerGel 0.7 mm. It dries fast, the color is vivid, and it works perfectly with my hybrid handwriting. I get so annoyed when husband steals them… he truly doesn’t notice when he’s using a crappy pen

  • Jessica

    I always wonder how much pens bleed through the page.

  • Tracie

    I LOVE pens and am obsessed. My son and daughter get it, but my husband is like, “a pen is a pen.” Thanks for sharing your favorites. I am currently loving the Sharpie S-Gel and a .35 tip Japanese pen. I also have about 5 fountain pens inked up.

  • DPLK

    The Uni Jetstream is a favorite of mine too! They make a retractable version (the pen is a white color with grey insets) but I’ve only ever found it in Japanese bookstores or on Amazon in 5-packs. Would definitely recommend it if you want to get away from separate pen caps.

  • Summer

    I am loving the Meal Prep List!! Do you have a printable?

    I’m glad I’m not the only pen/list-aholic!

  • duck life

    That’s so wonderful pens. Thank you for sharing.

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