August 26, 2022


Is this a Good Time for You- I love lists artwork by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean


  1. Life is weird & wonderful. Here’s proof.
  2. I love this couple on Instagram. 
  3. What does a costume designer do?
  4. You can scroll through my recipes on pinterest. 
  5. What my evolving style looks like. 
  6. If you need a mantra.
  7. A mug for all of my virgo friends.
  8. What it’s like to be a professional sand sculptor. 
  9. These etchings are eye candy.
  10. What’s up with your inner voice? 
  11. Bohemian lifestyling New York 1920s
  12. Life underwater. 
  13. Time to go back to Boise.
  14. Inside a Dutch dimentia village. 
  15. I cannot believe mullet competitions exist. 
  16. This zucchini slice looks like a good breakfast situation.
  17. Speaking of zucchini. It’s time for zucchini carbonara again.
  18. Clothing my grandpas wore.
  19. These fridges are so well styled.
  20. The real chef behind Chef Boyardee
  21. Weekend reading: Of Water and Spirit

  • Kate

    I can’t believe they exist either, but the teen and child winner were from my home state. I don’t know HOW I feel about that.

    I’m off to follow your style board. Lots of fun there – a black skirt/converse combo sparked my interest.

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