December 16, 2022


Find the light! I love lists- Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com


  1. How will A.I. change the world?
  2. See also: how a man faked his life for a month using A.I.
  3. I am grateful a bunch of Dads dropped some homeowner knowledge.
  4. Best gifts to give teachers, according to teachers.
  5. How to prevent holiday kitchen disasters.
  6. I didn’t know these were called dolphin shorts.
  7. What were the top google searches in 2022?
  8. GrubHub’s most delivered foods in 2022.
  9. Let’s bring back the shrimp tree! lol
  10. This large acrylic calendar would help start the year off right.
  11. This woman has been a flight attendant for 65 years! 
  12. Expressive eye paintings! 
  13. I always love looking at wild google street views.
  14. This is one of my favorite Trader Joe’s sauces.
  15. Top Christmas toys from the 1960s + 1970s
  16. 6 ways to practice mindful eating.
  17. The most borrowed books at the SF Library in 2022.
  18. Keeping my skin hydrated with this yummy-smelling oil. 
  19. Holiday rum punch to get you in the spirit! 
  20. Speaking of…ways to create holiday magic!
  21. Consider making my Mom’s coffee cake for your holidays.
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  • Kate

    The shrimp tree link made me laugh. My in-laws make one every year and I stole the idea when my friends had a “vintage” Christmas (jello molds, popovers, swanky outfits and cocktails). It’s so fun and always a hit!!

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